Newsletter     N°47          November 2, 2007

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Remains from a wreck found off the coast of Bodrum,
Turkey © Unesco

Underwater Cultural Heritage

With a view to preventing treasure hunters from looting wrecks or sunken archaeological sites, UNESCO adopted the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in 2001. This instrument aims to preserve in situ all remains of human existence submerged for at least one-hundred years. During a conference held in Paris on 23 November 2007, international experts will examine the issues surrounding this relatively young discipline.

News and Events

From 31-10-2007 to 01 11 2007 - Queensland, Australia

Traditional Knowledge Systems and Expressions of Culture in South Pacific More

From 31-10-2007 to 04 11 2007 - Vadstena, Sweden

Pathways of Human Dignity: From Cultural Traditions to a New Paradigm  More

05 11 2007 - Paris, France

UNESCO-Vocations patrimoine: 2007 Awards  More

From 05-11-2007 to 06 11 2007 - Paris, France

Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of Tyre More

From 05-11-2007 to 06 11 2007- Paris, France

International Jury Meeting of the Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture More

From 05-11-2007 to 08 11 2007 - Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

New Stakes for Cultural Diversity: In Search of Transversal Values through Dialogue More

From 05-11-2007 to 08 11 2007 - Sichuan Province, China

Third International Conference on World Natural Heritage in the Asia and the Pacific Region More

From 05-11-2007 to 16 11 2007 - Paris, France

2007 Francophone Indigenous Fellowship Programme More

From 05-11-2007 to 17 11 2007 - Kyoto, Japan

UNESCO Chair on Cultural Heritage and Risk Management More

From 06-11-2007 to 07 11 2007 - Maputo, Mozambique

Human Trafficking in Southern Africa (Lesotho, Mozambique and South Africa) More

From 07-11-2007 to 09 11 2007 - Cotonou, Benin

Capacity-building in musicians’ rights and contractual arrangements in Central and West Africa More

From 09-11-2007 to 10 11 2007 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Second International Seminar "City on Two Wheels" More

From 09-11-2007 to 14-11-2007 -London, United Kingdom

Fifth Internatioal Conference on the Creative Economy More

10-11-2007 -London, United Kingdom

London, Sugar & Slavery at the Museum in Docklands More

From 10-11-2007 to 17-11-2007 -Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Journalism and World Heritage: A new look at heritage More

From 12-11-2007 to13-11-2007 - Amman, Jordan

National Workshop for ASPNet teachers in World Heritage Education More

From 12-11-2007 to 21-11-2007 - Paris, France

Iraqi Cultural Week More

From 13-11-2007 to 14-11-2007 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reinventing Democracy: Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion More

From 19-11-2007 to 20-11-2007 - Quito, Ecuador

Regional Centre for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Latin America (CRESPIAL) More

From 19-11-2007 to 21-11-2007 - Paris, France

Nomination of Qhapaq Ñan (Main Andean Road) on the World Heritage List More

20-11-2007- Paris, France

Handiclasse Day 2007: France, Morocco and Senegal More

From 21-11-2007 to 23-11-2007 - Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Culture of Nomadic Peoples of Central Asia More

From 21-11-2007 to 23-11-2007 - Brisbane and Canberra, Australia

Intercultural Dialogue, Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Peoples in the Pacific More

From 22-11-2007 to 25-11-2007 - Manila, Philippines

1st AHPADA International Crafts Expo in the Philippines More

23-11-2007 -Paris, France

Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage More

26-11-2007 - Paris, France

Intercultural Dialogue through Music: Symposium and Concert More

28-11-2007 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Safeguarding and the Development of the Historic Site of Angkor More

From 29-11-2007 to 30-11-2007 - Quito, Ecuador

Ratifying the Convention for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Latin America More

30-11-2007 -Paris, France

Europe's intangible heritage: Inventing an inventory More

30-11-2007 - Narvik, Norway

World Heritage and the Arctic More

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