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1 April 2005

The hills of Nagoya, Japan, will host from 25 March to 25 September the first international exhibition of the 21st century: 15 million visitors are expected to attend. And what is the message? To find in the wisdom of nature the hope of a less troubled future draped in beauty and reason like the symphony set to music by the world’s different cultures.

Hiroshige (1797-1858): Mount Fuji seen from Dream Mountain, Japan © DR
Programme of the Exhibition
Homage to cultural diversity

Traditions living in a state of absorption with nature among the Ifugao people and the Zapara
Learn from local knowledge systems and those of indigenous peoples
Natural and cultural world heritage sites: the Bandiagara cliff and Uluru-Kata Tjuta
News and Events

Donation of books published in Africa Paris (France)
21 Apr 2005 Presentation of the agreement between the Editor Maxi-Livre and the Non-Governmental Organization Culture and DevelopmentThis agreement was concluded and signed, within the framework of the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, for a donation of books published in Africa to libraries in Burkina, Mali and Senegal. 

"L’apport scientifique arabe à travers les grandes figures de l’époque classique" Paris (France)
21 Apr 2005  Presentation of the work « L’apport scientifique arabe à travers les grandes figures de l’époque classique » (The Arabic contribution to science: the outstanding figures of the classical period) in the presence of the author, Professor Salah Ould Moulaye Ahmed, President of the prestigious Shingeti Foundation (Mauritania). This work, intended for the general public, is linked to UNESCO’s project on the Different aspects of Islamic Culture collection, i.e.,Volume IV, Parts 1 and 2, which are devoted to science and technology in Islam.
Shaping an International Centre on Creative Industries Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)
18 Apr 2005 - 20 Apr 2005  The Bahia Forum on creative industries follows the UNCTAD XI meeting held in Sao Paolo in 2004 and will gather organizations that are members of the United Nations which could contribute to the project (UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNDP, WIPO, ILO, etc.).
Safeguarding the Transmission of Local and Indigenous Knowledge of Nature  Nagoya (Japan)
14 Apr 2005 - 15 Apr 2005  International meeting of experts, on the occasion of the World Exposition. Talks will cover Language, Non-linguistic modes of transmission; Schools: obstacles or vehicles for indigenous knowledge transmission?, National and international policy frameworks.
Religion in Peace and Conflict Situations in South-East Asia and in the Pacific Melbourne (Australia)
12 Apr 2005 - 14 Apr 2005  Focussing on the relationship of religion and conflict and the role of these communities in addressing violence and terrorism, it will provide an important opportunity for examining current challenges to regional stability and developing more cohesive and tolerant multicultural societies.
Cultural Landscapes in the 21st Century: Heritage as a Challenge of Citizenship Newcastle (United Kingdom)
11 Apr 2005 - 16 Apr 2005  This 10th International Seminar of the Network of Universities Forum UNESCO–University and Heritage will look through a wide variety of academic disciplines and through the voices of some of those who live and interact with them and will examine the supposed distinction between cultural and natural landscapes. 
World Heritage Education Forum Newcastle (United Kingdom)
06 Apr 2005 - 11 Apr 2005  The WHEF is hosted by the University of Newcastle and is targeted at students between 15 and 18 from the United Kingdom, China, Italy, Jordan and Malta. Participants will discuss, in a role-play, the inscription of the Monasteries of Jarrow and Wearmouth on the World Heritage List. 
The Concept of "Outstanding Universal Value" in the World Heritage Convention Kazan (Russian Federation)
06 Apr 2005 - 09 Apr 2005  Special meeting of experts to evaluate the ways in which the concept of outstanding universal value has been perceived and applied in different regions and for different categories of heritage, since the launching, 30 years ago, of the World Heritage Convention.
The musical instrument "Imzad" Tamanrasset (Algeria)
31 Mar 2005 - 03 Apr 2005  The First International Imzad Symposium organized by the “Save the Imzad” Association aims at promoting awareness of this instrument, its role in Touareg culture and in today’s world, as a referent for women and a tool against poverty. 
Haiti: Rediscovered Toronto (Canada)
30 Mar 2005 - 10 Apr 2005  Exhibition organized by the communications company, CREOS Inc., in partnership with the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity. This event will present paintings and other creative work including metal work and sacred art by artists from Haïti. 
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Artists in Development
This programme,with funding from the Norwegian government, aims to foster skills among artists and creators in developing countries that can be turned into income-generating activities. 

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Le patrimoine culturel dans le Sud-Est européen : Albanie (report in French)
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