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UNESCO - Dialogue among Civilizations

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Senghor Homage

UNESCO - Dialogue among Civilizations

How we see others,
how others see us

Proceedings of the International Symposium
Paris, 13 and 14 December 2001

Jointly organized by UNESCO and the
Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE)
within the framework of the United Nations
Year of Dialogue among Civilizations





Co-ordination and follow-up Committee

Opening addresses


Part I

Travels, texts and translations

Jean FAVIER, Introduction

Alain de LIBERA, Medieval philosophy and exchanges between the two shores of the Mediterranean

Fumihiko SUEKI, Nineteenth-century Europe’s encounter with Japanese Buddhism

Jean-Louis BACQUÉ-GRAMMONT, Texts from two Turkish-speaking regions

François DÉROCHE, The Koran and its Western translations

Françoise AUBIN and Roberte HAMAYON, Alexander, Caesar and Genghis Khan in the steppes of Central Asia

Part II

Dreams of empires

Jerzy KŁOCZOWSKI, Introduction

Jean TULARD, The legends surrounding Napoleon

Luís Filipe FERREIRA REIS THOMAZ, History meets utopia: the myth of Prester John

Ségolène DEMOUGIN, Roman Empire(s)

Oleg GRABAR, Dreams of empire in the Islamic world

Jean CHESNEAUX, Small islands as vectors of modern imperial systems

Part III

From one civilization to another: towards new forms of universalism

Antoine VALÉRY, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a basic tenet of civilization

Abdelkebir KHATIBI, Universalism and the invention of the future (reflections on the Arab world)

François-Xavier GUERRA, Euro-America: constitution and perceptions of a common cultural area

Jacques LE RIDER, From plurality of cultures to European civilization: cultural transfers and construction of identities

Mounir BOUCHENAKI, Cultural diversity: an inventory

Part IV

Civilizations: how we see others, how others see us

Felipe FERNÁNDEZ-ARMESTO, Recognizing civilizations: cultural contacts in global history and the role of the ‘stranger effect’


Round-table debates

Programme of the symposium

Bio-sketches of contributors

Internet sites of interest

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