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UNESCO - Dialogue among Civilizations

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Senghor Homage

UNESCO - Dialogue among Civilizations

How we see others,
how others see us

Proceedings of the International Symposium
Paris, 13 and 14 December 2001


Coordination and follow-up committee of the symposium
How we see others, how others see us

EPHE   Sorbonne

Mr Jean Baubérot, President of the École Pratique des Hautes Études
Mr Emmanuel de Calan, Director of international relations 
Ms Ségolène Demougin, Director of Studies 

Ms Déjanirah Silva-Couto, Senior Lecturer

Mr Claude Lepage, Director of Studies
Mr Jean-Noël Robert, Director of Studies


Ms Moufida Goucha, Social and Human Sciences Sector
Ms Claudia Maresia, Social and Human Sciences Sector
Mr René Zapata, Bureau of Strategic Planning 
Mr F.W. Russell, Bureau of Strategic Planning
Ms Olga Weber, Bureau of Strategic Planning

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