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UNESCO - Dialogue among Civilizations


Culture and Civilizations

"Route" and Intercultural Projects
Throughout history, peoples have exchanged cultural experience, ideas, values and goods through art, trade and migrations.  Human history is the tale of such journeys.  As we cross into the twenty-first century, we too have embarked on a journey - whose destination holds out the promise of justice, well-being and a peaceful existence for all.  These encounters, in which individual travellers or communities have conveyed their ideas and customs across whole continents and oceans, are celebrated in a series of UNESCO "Route" and Intercultural projects.

  Cultural Pluralism
Diversity is stimulating and enriching.  People invent, refine and embellish their cultures through contact with and by borrowing from other cultures.  Cultures are "ways of living together".

UNESCO Cities for Peace Prize
To pay tribute to the exemplary action of five municipalities in cities located in the five world regions in order to strengthen social solidarity, improving living conditions in troubled neighbourhoods and develop genuine urban harmony. Intended also to contribute to the establishment of regional co-operation networks among municipalities and the creation of databanks on innovative initiatives USD 25,000 to five recipients. Prize to be awarded next during the 31st General Conference of UNESCO:22 October - 10 November 2001
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  Civilizations: a historical approach
One of the goals of dialogue among civilizations is to spread knowledge and appreciation of the historical and cultural background of peoples living in different circumstances and areas of the world. Often, the lack of mutual understanding prevents the process of constructive communication and cross-fertilization: UNESCO as intergovernmental organization, is unique as it can provide an appropriate framework for the drafting of the general and regional histories involving cooperation between researchers and specialists throughout the world. These works play a major role in the emergence and enhancement of cultural identities and convey to the different peoples a greater awareness of their individual historical, cultural and artistic heritage, while emphasizing their contribution to the heritage of humanity as a whole.

  Cultural Industries
Creativity is an important part of people's cultural identities and it is expressed in different ways.  These means of expression are copied and boosted by industrial processes and worldwide distribution.

World Culture Report
The publication by UNESCO of a World Culture Report was the first recommendation of the Report of the World Commission on Culture and Development, Our Creative Diversity. Its task is to survey recent trends in culture and development, monitor events affecting the state of cultures worldwide, construct quantitative cultural indicators, highlight good cultural practices and policies, and analyse specific themes of general importance accompanied by policy suggestions.

UNESCO Prize for Children's and Young People's Literature in the service of Tolerance
In recognition of works for the young that best embody the concepts and ideals of tolerance and peace and promote mutual understanding based on respect for other people and cultures, (USD 8,000). The prize, established in 1995, is normally attributed every two years at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy.
Prize to be awarded next on: 6 April 2001
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UNESCO "International Music Council" Music Prize
Intended to recompense musicians or musical institutions whose works or activities have contributed to the enrichment and development of music, having served peace and understanding between people, and international co-operation, DM 5000 awarded to two winners.
Prize to be awarded next on: September/October 2001

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