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UNESCO - Dialogue among Civilizations


Communication and Information

In the field of communication, UNESCO combats racism and xenophobia, through a number of multilateral and bilateral partnerships and contributes to the promotion of new information and communication technologies for intercultural dialogue.

  Memory of the World
The Memory of the World Programme, launched in 1982, also contributes to the dialogue among civilizations.  The programme aims at protecting and promoting the world's documentary heritage, working on manuscript preservation and access to these documents.

Communication and Society
In co-operation with the International Media Working Group against Racism and Xenophobia and the International Federation of Journalists, a handbook for media organizations and journalist groups on standards for training, recruitment and newsroom performance will be published and distributed.  A press kit on Media and Racism will also be produced for World Press Freedom Day on 3 May 2001.  A position paper on racism and Internet, is in preparation, in co-operation with professional organizations and members of the UNESCO Advisory Group for Press Freedom.

  INFOethics 2000
The issue of racism and freedom of expression pertaining to the Internet will be included in the agenda of the 3rd International Congress on Ethical, Legal and Societal Challenges of Cyberspace to be held 13-15 November 2000.

  Observatory on the Information Society
The UNESCO International Observatory on the Information Society collects regulations, laws and plans of action dealing with information society issues.  It includes, among others, a section on information content regulation on the Internet that covers racism, xenophobia and discrimination.


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