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UNESCO - Dialogue among Civilizations


Culture of Peace

International Year for the Culture of Peace
The international Year for a culture of peace (2000) promots respect of humans right,  democracy, tolerance, the sustainable development, education for peace, the free flow of information, a broader participation of  women in society and non-violence. By adopting an action plan for the culture of peace and non-violence for the childre of the world, the General Assembly of the United Nations wishes to contribute to the United Nations Year  for the Dialogue among Civilization.

UNESCO's Multidisciplinary Projects "Towards a Culture of Peace"
UNESCO’s Culture of Peace Project aims to promote values, attitudes and behaviours in people so that they will seek peaceful solutions to problems. As a transdisciplinary project, all Sectors of the Organization are active in the development of innovative projects and activities that foster this new culture. In working with a wide range of partners, UNESCO aims to advance a global movement for a Culture of Peace.


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