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“I am a Syrian refugee in Iraq, I am 14 years old and I have fled my country with my parents 3 years ago. I want to go to school. Your greatest gift will be to help me do so..." Read this story

“I am a Syrian refugee working in a local youth community radio in Jordan. We, youth reporters, are conveying lifesaving information, counseling, and psychosocial support to our community. Thanks to this programme, we are able to share our experiences, and speak without fear. We are supported and heard. I feel more like an actor for change rather than just a beneficiary...” Read this story

“We are teachers in Lebanon; we lack the necessary tools to help the rising numbers of Syrian youth refugees distressed by unspeakable human suffering. We need proper training to cope with the students’ needs arising from the current crisis and to help them adapt to their new schooling environment and their new lives...” Read this story