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News 2014

ALADIN Poster Presentation at IFLA, August 2014

ALADIN was presented at the official poster session at IFLA, which took place in Lyon, France on 19th and 20th of August 2014. The ALADIN Coordinator enjoyed the opportunity to meet ALADIN members, attract new ALADIN members and answer all questions regarding ALADIN while the poster session took place. Sharon Hacket of ALADIN member CDÉACF gave a presentation at the session of the Section on Literacy and Reading, whose topic was “Literacy, Community and Responsibility”.

During the session of the IFLA Section on Literacy and Reading on the topic “Literacy, Community and Responsibility”, ALADIN member Sharon Hackett from CDÉACF in Montréal gave a presentation.

Please find her presentation and the full-texts of all presentation in the link below.


New ALADIN member, July 2014

ALADIN welcomes the University Libary of Pécs as a new ALADIN member.


ALADIN presented at a workshop in Sweden, June 2014

ALADIN Coordinator Lisa Krolak attended a workshop on "Adult illiteracy and second language perspectives: Toward a public library collaboration in Europe". In her presentation on the role of public libraries for supporting adult literacy she also talked about ALADIN. An important outcome of the workshop is a closed Facebook group on "Literacy for All - European Library Network" and an open blog.


CONFINTEA Scholarship goes to ALADIN member, September 2014

One of the four CONFINTEA Scholarships 2014 went to ALADIN member Yuan Dayong from the Institute of Vocational and Adult Education (IVAE) in China. In the framework of the scholarship, Yuan Dayong did comparative research on the concept and strategy of building learning cities.


Training tools for community library management, January 2014

Several interesting training tools for community library management are available online: