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Worldwide Action in Education

To the Reader

This brochure is designed to inform you of UNESCO's activities in the field of education, so that you will be able to play a more active and effective role in them.

As you will see, the brochure contains a large number of short explanatory articles describing the activities which UNESCO is carrying out and the objectives it is pursuing. But, equally important, it gives the addresses of Regional Offices, centres, institutions, National Commissions and other bodies serving UNESCO's goals in all parts of the world. It also provides a bibliography and a wide range of other materials and references.

UNESCO is your Organization. Its activities in education are dedicated to serving teachers, administrators, scholars, policy-makers and all other people engaged in or concerned with education. In the broadest sense, this includes all of us, for education, whether we realize it or not, is the force that will, more than any other, shape the future.

This is the second edition to be published. The first was brought out in early 1990, on the eve of the World Conference on Education for All. UNESCO's action in education is now focusing more sharply on the challenge of endeavouring to make Education for All a reality. The re-issue and updating of this brochure comes at an opportune time, in that it reflects the progress that has been made in the interim, the changes that have taken place and the new priorities that have emerged.

For further information on UNESCO's action in education, please contact the relevant UNESCO Documentation and Information Service.

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