International Directory of
Environmental Education Institutions

The International Directory on Environmental Education Institutions is one of UNESCO's efforts to develop an international information network to facilitates an exchange of information, knowledge and materials on Environmental Education and Education for a Sustainable Future at large. This electronic version of the UNESCO Directory, offers a comprehensive list of EE training and research Institutions around the world. These comprise universities, research institutions, NGOs, training institutions and others.

The basis for this directory was prepared in cooperation with UNEP and a first edition was published in 1971 with revisions in 1981 and 1989. Since then, Environmental Education has faced many changes in name and content and new institutions have adopted training and research programmes on environmental issues. To reflect these changes we found it necessary to publish a further version of the directory in 1995. We are now in the process of preparing a complete, up-do-date version for publication in English, French and Spanish, within the next two years for which we strongly depend on your corrections and/or comments.

A short description of the content:
The information is presented by region according to the United Nation Standard System and within these regions, countries are listed in alphabetical order.
The main part contains detailed information on each institution such as:
Name (the name of the institution is maintained in the original language of the country concerned.); address; geographical coverage; working language; type of institution; area of interest; functions; target groups; services and publications.

Further information on training opportunities and financial support for studies abroad at the UNEP: Environmental Education and Training Opportunities page:

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