Welcome to the homepage of the physical education and sport unit of UNESCO

UNESCO: Which place for the sport?

UNESCO is an irreplaceable forum open to governmental bodies as well as sport organizations dealing with: ethics in sports, sport and education, physical activities and sports for all, sport and the environment, sport and traditional games, sport and advancement of women, sport and the culture of peace, etc. A diversity of activities which aim at exploring the link between sport and major issues of the contemporary societies.

UNESCO's and CIGEPS' (International Committee for Physical Education and Sport ) action with regard to physical education and sport is based on the following five points:

1. The value of sport in the service of a culture of peace, through:

safeguarding and promoting the ethical, moral and cultural values in sport,

combating over-commercialization practices, doping and violence,

reinforcing the actions of all who work to make sport - respecting equality and human dignity - a factor for positive growth, and instrument of peace, development and solidarity.

2. The development of physical education and sport within school, out-of-school and the permanent education systems.

3. Recognition of the important contribution made by sport in the domains of culture, environment, gender equality and social integration.

4. Systematically and continuously associating UNESCO with new forms of cooperation and collaboration at regional, national and international levels, with a view to developing policies and national programmes in physical education and sport as well as reducing marginality, inequality and imbalance between nations and the regions of the world.

5. Support in kind and services from extrabudgetary resources collected and allocated by the FIDEPS (International Fund for the Develop-ment of Physical Education and Sport).



UNESCO with a special attention to Africa and priority groups like Women and Youth, focuses on the following objectives:

Provide assistance in reforming or reorienting physical education and sport system emphasizing Government gradual withdrawal by increasing attention to sport competition while decreasing PES which deserves reinforcement in the youth educational process by targeting needs and priorities;

Assist in setting up policies, valorization and systematization of PES strategies in the education system;

Organize training seminars, national forums for the reorganization of the structures, networks and physical education professions coherently with the results of international conferences (World Congress on sport for all, World Summit on physical education crisis, MINEPS III);

Out of the school system, organize summers camps, mobilizing programmes targeting the forming of positives attitudes to sport as a leisure, recreational by combating delinquency and idleness of youngsters, with a particular attention to girls;

Organize sub-regional Round-Tables on "sport and daily peace" in combining sport objectives and social development;

Ensure the visibility of the international cooperation under the impulsion of the CIGEPS and its Permanent Consultative Council (IOC, ICSSPE, ICHPER-SD, GAISF, CONFEJES, SCSA, CID, etc..) reinforce the regional technical and financial assistance aiming at reducing inequalities in this area.