Index of Abstracts

From a vast range of countries and technologies, a brief history and synthesis of innovative practice in technology and learning.
We invite you to share abstracts of innovative practices using technology in open learning communities. 
  1. Information Technology and Society Project, Open University, UK
  2. Computer-Assisted Instruction in Primary and Secondary Schools, Jamaica
  3. Literacy and Awareness Publication (LAMP) Centres, Papua New Guinea
  4. Open Learning Systems Education Trust (OLSET), South Africa
  5. UC Links, USA
  6. Tech Corps, USA
  7. Learning Networks (Enlaces), Chile
  8. Telesecundaria, Mexico
  9. Peace Programme for Women, El Salvador
  10. The Building: New Horizons for Learning
  11. Paroo Mobile, Australia
  12. TEO, Luxembourg
  13. Creating Learning Networks for African Teachers

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