Index of Case Studies

The case studies contain detailed information on set-up stage, obstacles encountered, use of technology, creation of learning environments through technology, and building open learning communities, both real and virtual.
We encourage you to share case studies of projects using technology to support the construction of open learning communities. 
  1. The Gobi Women's Project, Mongolia
  2. London Docklands Project, UK
  3. New Home, New Life, Afghanistan
  4. CESPA - Project for Community Video, Mali
  5. Global Classrooms, Learning Networks and Virtual Communities
  6. New contributions

  7. School Boards Turn to 'Groupware' for Brainstorming, USA (added 12 September) 
  8. Leo Ussak Elementary School and Igalaaq, the Rankin Inlet Community Access Centre, Canada added 13 November 1997

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