Index of Opinion Articles

The opinion articles are contributions from distinguished thinkers/practitioners from around the world who are involved in dialectical processes of action and reflection concerning the areas of technology and learning.
We invite you to share your opinions on the future of technology and learning, as well as your personal experiences.
  1. Living Archaeology: Electronic Networks and a Life of Learning - Ron Burnett
  2. Conversations about Community and Computing - Steve Cisler
  3. Technology, Africa and Learning - Aicha Bah Diallo
  4. Polycentric Learning - Edmond Gaible
  5. Technology and the Environment for Learning - Wadi Haddad
  6. The Challenges of Communication and Education in Africa - Charles Okigbo and Carol Okigbo
  7. Television for Learning: Our Foremost Tool for Development in the 21st Century - Ed Palmer
  8. Creating a Learning Revolution - Nicholas Negroponte, Mitchel Resnick and Justine Cassell
  9. Technology, Tradition and the Barefoot College - Bunker Roy
  10. Catching Dreams on the Web - Doris Schoenhoff
  11. Technology is the Answer - Minda C. Sutaria
  12. Technology and the Building of Capacities - J. Vargas
  13. New Additions (added 20 October 1997)

  14. The Next Step - Howard D. Mehlinger
  15. The Computer Delusion - Todd Oppenheimer
  16. Six Challenges for Educational Technology - Chris Dede
  17. New Addition (added 21 October 1997)

  18. ‘Living’ in Cyberia - Arturo Escobar
  19. New Addition (added 3 December 1997)

  20. Technology, Education, and Economic Development - Glen M. Farrell
  21. New Addition (added 5 February 1998)

  22. The Death of Distance Education; Long Live Distributive Learning - Don Chapman

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