Technology and Learning Portfolio

- Rethinking Today's Realities -

This is the second portfolio in a series of publications aimed at a wide range educational decision makers. The portfolio has brought together the joint UNESCO/UNICEF project Education for All: Making it Work, and Learning Without Frontiers. While a printed version of the portfolio has been published in August 1997, we view this document as a work in progress. We hope to continue building on it with further contributions of your experiences and opinions.

We are increasingly coming to the harsh realization that conventional school systems, throughout the world, cannot cope alone with the huge demands that individual learners and society are making on them. Space, time, circumstance, language and socio-economic status are just some of the factors that limit access to relevant learning opportunities. Information and communication technologies can play a key role in facilitating and supporting meaningful change in the areas of education and development. This, however, will require more concerted and connected efforts to reflect on and understand the catalyzing potential of technology in various contexts. We hope this website will foster critical discussion and creative action, and welcome your feedback. Please email comments and suggestions to Learning Without Frontiers

  1. Concept Paper
  2. Index of Case Studies - (update 13/11/97)
  3. Index of Abstracts
  4. Index of Opinion Articles - (update 5/2/98)
  5. List of Definitions
  6. List of Resources
  7. Your Comments - (update 4/6/98)

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