Another Report?

The Learning Without Frontiers Advisory Task Force meeting took place on 25 and 26 November 1996 at UNESCO headquarters, Paris. It physically brought together a total of 18 key personalities from different parts of the world and mobilized nine more task force members who, for various reasons, were unable to attend. They will, however, be involved in the ongoing discussions of the task force, taking place mainly by electronic means.

One of the task force members observed the uniqueness of this UNESCO meeting in that it was not convened with the usual purpose of producing a report. This was indeed not the intention of the LWF Coordination Unit when it brought the group together.

Learning, creating commitment and partnership building are not normally supported by the kind of attitudes that lead people to producing reports. Nevertheless, and in the interest of stimulating continued debate as well as generating a wider participation in it, we did record the rich exchange of thoughts during the two days of intensive work and will use it to foster further discussion and action.

"Don't wait for the winds. Seize the oars"