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Events we are aware of, and that may have some connection with LWF are listed here.
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  • SimpLAC99. Simposio Latinoamericano y del Caribe sobre las Tecnologias de Informacion en la Sociedad: Uso e Impacto Presente y Futuro
    (Aguascalientes, Mexico, 13-15 de Outubro de 1999) English: SimpLAC99 - Latin American and Caribbean Symposium on Information (Aguascalientes, Mexico, 13-15 October 1999) Technologies in the Society: Present and Future Use and Impact French: SimpLAC99 - Simposium Latinamericain et du Caraibe sur les Technologies d'Information en la Societe' (Aguascalientes, Mexico, 13-15 de Octobre de 1999)

  • 3ème Journées sur la communication éducative, organisées par la station de radio éducative El Hornero. Il s'agit d'une rencontre entre les élèves, les enseignants, les parents d'élèves et les professionnels des médias afin de discuter autour des médias et de leur influence sur le public, et notamment sur les jeunes.
    3as. Jornadas de la comunicacion educativa, organizadas por Emisora Educativa "El Hornero"
    Se trata de un encuentro entre alumnos, docentes, padres y profesionales de los medios con el fin de reflexionar acerca del rol de los medios en la sociedad y de su influencia sobre el publico, y particularmente sobre los jovenes.

  • Online Educa 98 Conference: 5th International Conference on Technology Supported Learnin. November 24 - 26, 1999, Hotel Inter-Continental, Berlin
    Over the last five years, ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN has established itself as the yearly meeting place for the international community of users, researchers, service providers and managers in the field of technology supported learning. The 1998 conference attracted close to 800 participants from 43 countries on five different continents. These included expert users, suppliers, providers and agencies, as well as more than 160 internationally renowned speakers.

  • Global Knowledge Partnership. (Aussi en Français!) The Global Knowledge Partnership web site is the home of a growing partnership and dialogue focused on harnessing knowledge and information as tools of sustainable and equitable development and mobilizing the innovations and resources of the information revolution as tools to empower the world's poor. This partnership and dialogue have their roots in an international conference on Knowledge for Development in the Information Age co-hosted by the World Bank and the Government of Canada in June 1997 in Toronto, in cooperation with a broad range of public and private partners. Planned: Second Global Knowledge Conference in Malaysia, March 7-10, 2000.

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