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Learning Without Frontiers' Documents and Papers

Some of the documents on this site are available in HTML and PDF format. You are invited to look into the papers of your interest, and provide us with your input.

Sharing experiences and inviting your input

  • Learning together in an environment of shared resources:
    Challenges on the horizon of the year 2020
    (a PDF document). By Jan Visser as a contribution to the preparation by UNESCO of the report "UNESCO: Horizon 2020."
    What does it mean to be learning in the perspective of Horizon 2020? Both the schooling tradition and many of the alternative pathways to learning that complement it, such as much of the distance education tradition, still treat knowledge as something independent of the relationship between the beholder and her or his world. Fundamental changes are required in the ways in which, both at individual and societal levels, learning and the conditions that promote and facilitate it are being conceived.
  • Changing Learning Environments: the real and not so real of reality and virtuality (a PDF document). An increasing number of virtual providers of education emerge. Other, already existing, institutions add virtual dimensions to their more traditional forms of educational delivery. What does it all mean? How real are those virtual institutions? What distinguishes them from the institutions (providers of face-to-face education and distance education) we are used to? How should these developments affect us? Can lessons be learned? This paper tries to address some of these questions while raising other ones.
  • Our partners in India have been working on developing this background concept paper for a new project that they plan on catalyzing: Udaipur as a Learning City. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on it as well as any additional contacts/resources materials/experiences which we should consult. Please feel free to share this call with others. Please send your comments c/o Vidhi Jain, Learning Activist, Shikshantar. (included 15/4/99)
  • The first on-line version of the original contribution to UNESCO's World Communication and Information Report 1999 (PDF Document) written by Prof C. Blurton from the University of Hong Kong. In the final form it will be significantly reduced in size. Especially because of the many interesting references we decided to provide the full document on-line. The many interesting references to web-sites appearing in this text are not yet verified, nor directly clickable. We are working on these issues. (included 13/4/99)
  • Technology Portfolio, a compilation of cases and opinions surrounding the issue of technology and learning..
  • Multilingualism in a Pervasive Learning Environment. About the inadequacies of today's schooling, but more important: What can we learn from inspiring experiences from, literaly, around the world?
  • Information Technology, Adult Learning, Employment (ITALE). LWF is supporting this study into adult learning needs and the impact of IT in the adult learning process.
  • Rethinking Community Schools - Conceptualizing Open Learning Communities. A discussion brief prepared in close collaboration with the NGOs Programme on Literacy and Education for All.

Projects by LWF and partners: reference, progress, evaluation

  • Project Proposal Mozambique Following up on the activities reflected in the three documents below, LWF has now produced a project proposal consisting of three parts. The first part outlines the proposal of the project and particularly concerns activities which will be implemented in the Province of Nampula. The second document is
    of a macro nature, and concerns the establishment and structure of a Foundation for Learning Without Frontiers in Mozambique, which will promote and disseminate this concept, and which will be responsible for the implementation of the project. The third part, which is still under preparation, will define the modes of collaboration between the main parties involved in this project. (Included 28/6/99)
  • Quadro Operacional Para Um Projecto De Aprender Sem Fronteiras em Moçambique (proposta) (PDF Document). During the Spring of 1998, a national team worked on the development of an operational framework of action. Available on this web site is the result of that exercise (available only in Portuguese). (Included 4/6/98)
    Durante a primeira metade de 1998 uma equipa nacional elaborou um quadro operacional para actividades visando alcançar os beneficiários da aprendizagem não alcançados em Moçambique. O resultado desse exercício, que se baseia no relatório ao Ministro da Educação mencionado a seguir, apresenta-se aqui. (Incluido 4/6/98)
  • Alacançando os Beneficiários da Aprendizagem não Alcançados em Moçambique (PDF Document). Um relatório ao Ministro da Educação sobre as necessidades de aprendizagem e caminhos alternativos de aprendizagem na perapectiva de uma resposta integrada às necessidades de uma sociedade em rápido desenvolvimento num mundo complexo.
    This is a PDF file, included 27 January 1998. Size 216 KB. Also available in compressed version: 178 KB
  • Reaching Unreached Learners in Mozambique ( PDF Document). A report to the Minister of Education on learning needs and alternative pathways to learning in the perspective of an integrated response to the needs of a rapidly developing society in a complex world.
    This is a PDF file, included 7 January 1998. Size 173 KB. Also available in compressed version: 136 KB
  • Internet in African Teacher Training: description of this pilot project, currently being implemented in Zimbabwe (included 11/3/97).

Conference contributions: papers and games

Learning Without Frontiers: the Concept and the Unit

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