Gender and Science and Technology (GASAT) Association


The GASAT Association was officially established in 1991. However, its origins go back to 1981 when a group of interested individuals and researchers organised its first meeting in the Netherlands, and continued to meet every two years. Today it counts around 300 members from nearly 50 countries worldwide.

GASAT provides a forum for individuals and organizations concerned with the inclusion of girls and women in the world of science and technology from early childhood to work environments. Previous international GASAT conferences have been held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1981); Oslo, Norway (1983); London, U.K. (1985); Ann Arbor, USA (1987); Haifa, Israel (1989); Melbourne, Australia (1991); Waterloo, Canada (1993); and Ahmedabad, India (1996).

The objectives of GASAT are:

to encourage research into all aspects of gender differentiation in science and technology education and employment;

to foster gender equity in science and technology, in education and in the workplace;

to facilitate the entry of women into employment in the fields of science and technology and their progress within such employment;

to foster socially responsible and gender-inclusive science and technolgy;

to provide a forum for the dissemination and discussion of research findings and experiences of those working in the field; and

to provide a support network for those working towards the objecives outlined above.

GASAT has actively participated in the Once and Future Action Network (OFAN) pavillion and the preparation of the draft Platform for Action (PFA), an outcome of the 4th UN World Conference on Women, Beijing, China (1995). GASAT members are active in the post-Beijing follow-up in research and development as well as in projects from the academic to the grassroots level.

The next GASAT international conference is due to be held in Ghana in 1999.

For more information on GASAT activities contact: Dr Jayshree Mehta, Chairperson,GASAT, SATWAC foundation, A1/22 Amrapali,Sukhipura, Paldi, Ahmedabad 380 007, India. Fax: 91-79-663.63.86 Email: