Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS)

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The Third World Organization For Women In Science (TWOWS) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental body based at the headquarters of the Third world Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in Trieste, Italy. TWAS and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) convened the Conference on the Role of Women in the Development of Science and Technology in the Third World in 1988 which recommended that a study group explore the possibility of creating an organisation for women in science. In 1989, the group decided to establish TWOWS which was officially launched four years later at the international conference: "Women's Vision of Science and Technology for Development" held in Egypt.

TWOWS is the first international forum to unite eminent women scientists from the South with the objective of straightening their role in the development process and promoting their representation in scientific and technological leadership. Its objectives are:

to promote the role of women in the development of science and technology in the third world countries;

to enhance opportunities of better education and participation of women in scientific activities in the third world;

to increase participation of women scientists in the decision-making processes at national and international levels; and

to enhance scientific productivity and efficiency of women scientists in the third world.

Full membership is open to women scientists and scientific institutions in the South. Currently TWOWS has over 1662 individual and 25 institutional full members from 83 developing countries. Associate membership comprises institutions and individuals (male and female) from both the North and the South, not responding to the criteria of full membership but committed to the objectives of the Organisation. At present, 207 individuals and 27 institutions from 38 countries in the South and 21 countries in the North are associate members. TWOWS activities include: support for travel, publications and research activities; organization of the TWOWS First General Assembly; active participation in the UN Fourth World Conference on Women, the NGO Forum, the Once and Future Action Network (China, 1995), numerous conferences related to women, science and development; and publication of its Newsletter as well as the TWOWS Directory of Full Members.


For futher information contact: Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS),c/o Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), P.O. Box 586, Strada Costiera 11, 34100 Trieste, Italy. Tel: (+39-40) 2240.321 Fax: (+39-40) 224559 E-mail: