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The International Science, Technology and Environmental Education Newsletter

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 The International Science, Technology and Environmental Education Newsletter CONNECT was launched in 1976 as the newsletter of the UNESCO-UNEP International Environmental Education Programme (IEEP). Following the re-vitalization of Project 2000+ in 1996, its scope was broadened to cover science and technology education and an Editorial Board constituted to supervise the integration of the Information Bulletin of the International Network of Science and Technology Education (INISTE) into CONNECT.

Published quarterly in English, CONNECT is translated into French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Hindi.

The mailing list of CONNECT counts up to 30,000 subscribers in over 175 countries worldwide. Its total readership however, based on estimates of two independent surveys, is estimated at around 300,000 readers.

The contents are divided in the following manner:

  • Lead article devoted to a specific theme
  • Reports of UNESCO activities relating to Science, Technology and Environmental Education (STEE)
  • Reports of worldwide activities in STEE
  • STEE Centres, Networks, Associations
  • Doing it and Telling it : featuring teaching/learning initiatives of readers
  • News and Publications
  • Viewpoint: featuring letters to the Editor
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