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What is STL?

 Scientific and technological literacy, in its broadest sense, means much more than simply being able to read, understand and write about science and technology, however important these are. STL also includes the ability to apply scientific and technological concepts and process skills to the life, work and culture of one's own society. It therefore includes attitudes and values enabling one to distinguish between worthwhile or inappropriate uses of science or technology. Hence scientific and technological literacy implies:

  • the development of scientific and technological attitudes, approaches and skills which are necessary to cope with a rapidly changing environment and which are useful for problem - solving and decision-making in daily life;
  • an appreciation of the nature of science and technology, and development of positive attitudes and values relating basic science and technology to other areas of human activity;
  • exposure to effective teaching strategies and relevant examples of science and technology (at primary, secondary, tertiary or adult education) either within a formal programme, or through non-formal or distance educational methods);
  • familiarisation with the processes of accessing and communicating science and technology information and a willingness to use it to meet personal, local or global requirements.

It follows from the above definition that a person becomes scientifically and technologically literate by some involvement with applications of science or technology which interest them, or are intimately related to their everyday life, or which they perceive as being significant or important to them beyond the requirement of examinations. Attitudes and confidence are usually most effectively developed by significant first hand or contrived experiences.

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