Past Activities


Materials (worksheet with instructions and supporting information for carrying out the investigations) were prepared and sent in late February' 96 together with instructions for the National Coordinators.

In March-June '96, a pilot phase was launched in which a National Coordinator from each country involved 14-16 year old students from 5-6 schools. Based on the received materials, work was undertaken on testing water quality. (Outcomes from 9 countries are given in Newsletter N° 2 - 1996. )

In June 1996 the first issue of the SEMEP Newsletter (N1 - 1996) was published. This was distributed to all members, National Coordinators, National Commissions, Ministries, NGO and other relevant bodies. Subsequently the Newsletter was published twice per year.

In September '96, (26 to 28) the first National Coordinators meeting took place in Athens where the pilot phase, the methodology used and the results were evaluated. The meeting agreed on activities to be undertaken for 1996-97: opening of the project to more schools; role of the national coordinator; funding; new investigations to be carried out by each school (on science and sociology). A report of the meeting was published.

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