Summer School

The Summer School is a major timely event involving students  and  teachers from each member country.

Participants come together to share experiences, interact and undertake SEMEP activities.

 The rationale of the Summer School is to allow boys and girls from different countries to interact in person, participate in some joint activities and share experiences and information under the supervision of a teacher from each country.

The Summer School is meant to give students an opportunity to observe other manners of teaching/learning, to try to examine their own experiences in this light and to see how they could gain something from this experience. It is also intended to provide students an occasion to appreciate the range of subjects/areas relating to the Mediterranean: not only geographically or geologically but also from the point of view of history, culture, languages, arts and traditions; what is common to all of them, what is different, how and why.

The Summer School is above all an occasion for a group of young people to gain consciousness of their "Mediterraneanity", to work on a "regional" basis, to establish relationships and open up horizons.

The role of the accompanying teachers is extremely important as it is their responsibility not only to supervise the experiences of the students, but also to interact with one another in an effort to carry back to their own schools - and country networks - what they have observed and learned. In this way they become the vectors in spreading the message of SEMEP - that they have experienced at first hand.

For the teachers, the Summer School is thus a source of enrichment regarding their own professional capacity.

The first Summer School took place in Greece, Thessaloniki, at the Thessalonica Agricultural and Industrial Institute from 4 to 10 August 1997.

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