UNESCO wishes to express gratitude to the following experts who contributed
to the preparation of this document :

Munther W. Al-Masri (Jordan), C.K. Basu (India), Andras Benedek (Hungary), Suk-Min Chang (Republic of Korea), Chris Chinien (Canada), Ahmed Ferej (Kenya), María de Ibarrola (Mexico), B. Wanjala Kerre (Kenya), Kenneth King (United Kingdom), Nassim G. Mehedff (Brazil),  Guang-Ping Meng (China), Arun K. Mishra (India), Marianne Nganunu (Botswana), Gerald F. Pillay (Singapore), W. Bonney Rust (United Kingdom) and Hermann Schmidt (Germany).


While this document has drawn extensively from the contributions of the above-mentioned experts, the treatment of the material and the views expressed or implied remain solely the responsibility of the UNESCO Secretariat.