Calendar of Relevant Meetings
convened by UNESCO and its partners in higher education

Part I: Pre-WCHE Meetings


The information presented in this document was requested by the WCHE Steering Committee at its first session (September 1996).

The aim is to give a general overview of meetings, symposia and round tables held during between 1996 and the World Conference itself in 1998. Either, they are principally focused on major themes of higher education, or they are administrative meetings held by UNESCO's partners and which include a component of debate.

This calendar demonstrates that the World Conference is part of a worldwide process of reflection and debate on higher education. Data was collected from selected sources namely:

· UNESCO sectors and offices
· IGOs and NGOs which are mobilized to participate in the WCHE process
· partners in higher education from the social and economic sectors.

The brief analysis listed below shows regional and thematic aspects of the 150 meetings listed as well as their organizers.

1. Regional Coverage and Number of Meetings
Arab States
Europe/North America
Latin America/Caribbean

2. Major Thematic Areas Addressed

- Higher Education and Sustainable Human Development including scientific and environmental issues
- Higher Education Governance, Management and Financing
- Internationalization and Higher Education including Academic Mobility
- Quality and Relevance in Higher Education including Access and Diversification issues
- Higher Education and the World of Work including graduate employment trends and development in the academic professions
- Higher Education and the Education System as a Whole including the status and training of the teaching profession
- Academic Freedom and Institutional Autonomy
- Higher Education and Cultural Development
- Communication/Information Technology and Higher Education including Distance learning
- Lifelong Learning and Higher Education
- Women, Higher Education and Development
- Regional Priorities in Higher Education

3. Number of Meetings by Source
IGOs and UN


It is intended to update and expand this calendar in function of additional data which is of relevance to the World Conference.

WCHE Secretariat,
June 2000

World Conference on Higher Education
Calendar of Relevant Meetings

1 9 9 6

3-11 March, Dakar, Senegal, Regional Preparatory Consultation for the 45th International Conference on Education, UNESCO Dakar

9-12 April, Dakar, Senegal,
Preparatory Regional Consultation for the International Conference on Informatics and Education, UNESCO Dakar

9-11 April, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso,
Higher Education Issues in West Africa, Conference of Ministers and University Rectors of West African States

23-26 April, Lome, Togo,
Council of Ministers of Member States of the CAMES

May, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA,
Second World Congress on Zero Emissions Research Initiative, UNU/ZERI

13-17 May, Kingston, Jamaica,
Seventh Conference of Ministers of Education of Latin America and the Caribbean and Sixth Meeting of the Intergovernmental Regional Committee for the Major Project in the Field of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, MINEDLAC

23-25 May, Brazzaville, Central Africa,
Meeting of the Central African Rectors' Conference, Higher Education Issues

27-31 May, Cape Town, South Africa,
International Seminar on Women and Management in Higher Education, Commonwealth Secretariat/UNESCO

28-31 May, Dakar, Senegal,
Workshop on University Teaching for African Francophone Countries, UNESCO Dakar

29 May, Mexico City, Mexico
Preparatory Meeting on Quality and International Co-operation in Higher Education and International Seminar on The Changing University on the Eve of the 3rd Millennium, Union de Universidades de America Latina, UDUAL

July, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso,
Interafrican Consultative Committee of CAMES, Conférence Africaine et Malgache pour l'Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES)

2-5 July, Paris, France,
World Congress of Engineering Educators and Industrial Leaders, International Council for Engineering and Technology (ICET)

29-31 July, Moscow, Russian Federation,
Training Seminar on Copyright Law, organized by UNESCO for the Commonwealth of Independent States in cooperation with Moscow State University

2-6 September, Bogota, Colombia,
Committee of Experts on Communication and Copyright in the Information Age for the American States, UNESCO

15-17 September, Paris, France,
The Changing Nature of Work, 1st UNESCO Student / Employer Forum on Graduate Employment

25-27 September, Paris, France,
First Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Advisory Group on Higher Education, UNESCO

28 October, Robinson College, Cambridge, United Kingdom,
The Role of Business Ethics in Economic Performance - One day workshop on Business Ethics, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Centre for Business Research

28 October - 2 November, Caracas, Venezuela,
Policies and Strategies in Higher Education, UNESCO/CRESALC and the Universidad de los Andes

4-6 November, Louvain, Belgique,
L'Université face aux grands groupes, Association Internationale de la Pédagogie Universitaire (AIPU)

13-15 November, Rome, Italy,
FAO World Food Summit, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

15-17 November, Paris, France,
Séminaire sur Enseignement supérieur et le XXIème siècle, European Democratic Students (EDS)

15-17 November, Milan, Italy,
Higher Education Training and the World of Work, Junior Association for Development in Europe (JADE)

17-18 November, Brussels, Belgium,
Higher Education and North-South Co-operation amongst Student Bodies, The National Union of Students in Europe (ESIB)

18-22 November, Havana, Cuba,
Conference on Higher Education for the Latin American and Caribbean Region, UNESCO/ CRESALC

18-23 November, Nairobi, Kenya,
Workshop on University Teaching for African Anglophone Countries

18-25 November, United Republic of Tanzania,
First Sub-Regional Preparatory Meeting for the African Conference Preceding the World Conference on Higher Education, UNESCO Dakar

20 November, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA,
The Role of International Organizations in Higher Education, International Association of Universities (IAU)

Late November, Lataki, Syria,
Higher Education and Global Challenges: The Impact on Arab Universities, Association of Arab Universities (AArU)

24 November - 7 December, Melbourne, Australia,
International Symposium on Higher Education, International Forestry Students' Association (IFSA)

25 November, UNESCO, Paris, France,
Higher Distance Education, Learning Without Frontiers (LWF) Programme UNESCO

25-28 November, Dar Es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania,
Networking of Universities in Southern and Eastern Africa, UNESCO/Tanzanian Vice-Chancellors' Committee

25-29 November, New Delhi, India,
Committee of Experts on Communication and Copyright in the Information Age for Asia, the Pacific and Middle East States, UNESCO

December, Latvia,
Forum on Higher Education during the European Directors Meeting, International Association of Agricultural Students (IAAS)

5-6 December, Miami, USA,
Higher Education Issues in Latin America, Organisation Universitaire Inter-américaine (OUI)

7 December, Santiago, Chile,
Colloquium on the Future of Universities, United Nations University

9-11 December, Santiago, Chile,
Seminar on Women Graduates and the Labour Market in Latin America, UNESCO/OUI

16-21 December, Amman, Jordan,
Teacher Education and School Reform, 43rd ICET World Assembly, International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET)
1 9 9 7

1997, Malaysia,
Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific, South-East Asia Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and UNESCO Bangkok

1997, Iran,
Higher Education Seminar, UNESCO Bangkok

1997, Graz, Austria,
Triennial Conference, International Federation of University Women

January, Durban, South Africa,
National Higher Education Issues, Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) / South African Vice Chancellors' Committee

January, Benin,
Forum on Higher Education during the African Directors Meeting, International Association of Agricultural Students (IAAS)

13-17 January, Lusaka, Zambia,
9th General Conference of the Association of African Universities, Association of African Universities (AAU)

17 January, Bruxelles, Belgique,
L'évaluation de l'enseignement, Réunion régionale de l'Association Internationale de la Pédagogie Universitaire (AIPU)

19 January-1 February, St Louis, USA,
Higher Education and Culture in the Context of Globalization, World Student Christian Federation (WSCF)

24 January, The Hague, The Netherlands,
Seminar on Future Strategies in HigherEducation

Early February, Nairobi, Kenya,
Sub-Regional Conference on Higher Education, UNESCO/Nairobi

February, Grenade, Espagne,
Higher Education in Small Island States, Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with UNESCO

10-12 February, Paris, France,
5th UNESCO/NGO Collective Consultation on Higher Education, "Higher Education: The Consequences of Change for Graduate Employment", UNESCO/NGO Collective Consultation

12-14 February, Nairobi, Kenya,
Second Sub-Regional Preparatory Meeting for the African Conference Preceding the World Conference on Higher Education, UNESCO Dakar and Nairobi

16-20 February, Aswan, Egypt,
The Role of Universities in Establishing World Peace, International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)

17-18 February, New York, USA,
ICDE International Business and Education Roundtable (BERT), International Council for Distance Education (ICDE)

26-28 February, Tartu, Estonia,
Research Management, IMHE in co-operation with the University of Tartu and the Nordic Association of University Administrators, NAUA

March, Sana'a, Yemen,
Higher Education and Global Challenges: the Impact on Arab Universities, Association of Arab Universities (AArU)

18 March, Wellington, New Zealand,
Global Comparison of Institutional Strategies for Internationalisation, IMHE in co-operation with New Zealand Education International Ltd.

19-21 March, Paris, France,
La perspective des enseignants, Education International

23-27 March, Beirut, Lebanon,
New Technologies of Communication and their Applications, UNESCO Beirut

23-25 March, Fudan University, Shanghai, China,
The Role of Universities in Sustainable Development, International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)

24 March, Suva, Fiji,
Seminar on Quality Assurance in Internationalisation, IMHE in co-operation with the University of the South Pacific

Spring 1997, Edinburgh, Scotland,
Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Commonwealth Secretariat/Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

April, South Africa,
Association of Commonwealth Universities Council

April, Beirut, Lebanon,
The Contribution of Higher Education to the Development of the Whole Educational System, UNESCO Chair in Teacher Education at Lebanese University

April, Tokyo, Japan,
Globalization and Multimedia for Higher Education in Asia, Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP)/Bunkyo University (Japan)

April, Rome, Italy,
Round Table on Higher Education in Agricultural and Professional Development for Employment in the 21st Century, International Association of Agricultural Students (IAAS )

1-4 April, Dakar, Senegal,
Regional Conference on Higher Education for Africa, UNESCO, Dakar

2-5 April, London, United Kingdom,
Quality in Catholic Education, International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU)

4-9 April, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey,
Professional Development - CRE/IMHE Seminar for University Leaders, Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education

6-12 April, El Doret, Kenya,
3rd International Medical Students' Workshop on the Future of Medical Education - The Relevance of Primary Health Care in Medical Education, International Federation of Medical Students' Association (IFMSA)

7-10 April, Tours, France,
Towards the Global University: Strategies for the Third Millennium, The University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom, California State University, Fresno, USA, and Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Tours, France

7-11 April, Lisbon, Portugal,
Diplomatic Conference, Council of Europe/CEPES

10-11 April, Caracas, Venezuela,
Réunion de consultation avec des représentants d'associations sous-régionales, régionales et inter-régionales des universités, CRESALC

10-12 April, Bunkyo University, Tokyo, Japan,
Global Education, Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific

23 April, The Hague or Paris,
Pharmacy Higher Education and Graduate Employment Forum, International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF)

30 April-4 May, Geneva, Switzerland,
Salon de l'Etudiant et de la Formation, EDUCA 97

May, Moscow, Russian Federation,
Consultation on Higher Education in the CIS Countries, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and UNESCO/CEPES

May, Santiago de Chile,Chile,
Seminario Regional "Las responsabilidades públicas de las universidades privadas, en América Latina y El Caribe", World University Service

3-10 May, Basel, Switzerland,
Interdependence - Learning and Acting for a Shared Future (Higher Education and Learning), Global Theme Conference 1997, International Association of Students in Economics and Business (AIESEC)

7-9 May, Klaipeda, Lithuania,
The Role of Universities in Regional Development, IMHE in co-operation with Klaipeda University and the Nordic Association of University Administrators, NAUA

14-16 May, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA,
The Role of Universities in Regional Economic Development, IMHE in co-operation with Florida Atlantic University

15-17 May, Bari, Italy,
Council Meeting and Round Table on "Partnership of the Mediterranean Technical Universities", Community of Mediterranean Universities

26-30 May, Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Autonomy and Autoevaluation, International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)

28-29 May, Paris, France,
Dans les changements de la société mondiale, que devient l'être humain ? Le Centre Catholique International pour l'UNESCO et l'UNESCO

June, New York, USA,
UN General Assembly Special Session, Review of Progress regarding Agenda 21 (Higher Education, Science and Sustainable Development), the United Nations and the United Nations University (UNU)

2-4 June, Riga, Latvia,
Decision-Making in Higher Education, IMHE in co-operation with the University of Latvia and the Nordic Association of University Administrators, NAUA

2-6 June, Pennsylvania State University, USA,
The New Learning Environment: A Global Perspective, 18th International Council for Distance Education World Conference (ICDE)

9-13 June, Durban, South Africa,
Equity Issues in Education and Assessment, 23rd Annual IAEA Conference, (International Association for Educational Achievement (IAEA)

16-18 June, Edinburgh, Scotland,
Seminar on the Response of Higher Education Institutions to Regional Needs, IMHE in co-operation with the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council

18-20 June, London, United Kingdom,
International Conference on "What Kind of University?" organised jointly by the Open University (United Kingdom), the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (USA), the Centre for Higher Education Development (Germany), and the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (the Netherlands)

23-25 June, Manila, the Philippines,
World Congress on Higher Education and Human Resource Development in the Asia-Pacific for the 21st Century

July, UNESCO, Paris,
Internationalisation of Higher Education, Education International (EI)

Mid to late July, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia,
Seminar on the Response of HigherEducation Intitutions to Regional Needs, IMHE in co-operation with Southern Cross University

4 July, Gent, Belgium,
Symposium on "The Future of Universities in Europe" organized by the Academia Europaea

8-10 July, Tokyo, Japan,
Conference on Higher Education for the Asia/Pacific Region, UNESCO/PROAP, United Nations University (UNU)/ Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP)

11 July, Turin, Italy,
Training for the Future, European Training Foundation

14-18 July, Hamburg, Germany,
Fifth International Conference on Adult Education, UNESCO Institute for Education (UIE)

20-26 July, Liege, Belgium,
20th International Congress of the History of Science, International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)/IUHPS

August, Brazil,
Meeting on Higher Education and the World of Work, Junior Association for Development in Europe

16-26 August, Vancouver, Canada,
43rd Annual IPSF Congress and General Assembly, International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF)

19-20 August, Paris, France,
Débat sur la question "Quel homme et quelle société préparons-nous dans l'enseignement supérieur?", Mouvement International des Etudiants Catholiques (MIEC)

September, South Africa,
Special Council of Ministers of Higher Education, Association of African Universities AAU/ Organisation of African Unity OUA/South African Ministry of Education

September, Turkey,
Regional Committee for Europe, World Health Organization (WHO)

September/October, UNESCO,
Committee of Experts on Communication and Copyright in the Information Age for the European States, UNESCO

September, Brazzaville, Congo,
Regional Committee for Africa, World Health Organization (WHO)

September, Washington, USA,
Regional Committee for the Americas, World Health Organization (WHO)

3-5 September, Tokyo, Japan,
Roundtable on The Relationship among Research, Policy and Practice in Higher Education, UNESCO and the University of Tokyo

5-10 September, Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3, France,
La gestion de l'Université : ses enjeux, ses partenaires, Programme sur la gestion des établissements d'enseignement supérieur (IMHE)

8-13 September, Bhutan,
Regional Committee for South-East Asia, World Health Organization (WHO)

9-11 September, Grenoble, France,
European Cooperation in Higher Education Information Systems, the European University Information Systems Organisation

14-19 September, Nice, France,
World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)/IUPESM

22-26 September, Sydney, Australia,
Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, World Health Organization (WHO)

24-26 September, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic,
The Role of Universities in Future Information Society

25-27 September, Palermo, Italy,
European Regional Conference, UNESCO/CEPES and the Association of European Universities (CRE)

October, Portugal,
ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents of Open and Distance Learning Institutions (SCOP), International Council for Distance Education (ICDE)

4-7 October, Iran,
Regional Committee for Eastern Mediterranean, World Health Organization (WHO

9-11 October, Washington, D.C., USA,
Seminar on Quality Assurance in Internationalisation, IMHE in co-operation with the Global Alliance for Transnational Education, GATE

13-15 October, Szeged, Hungary,
Session d'Etude: Etre étudiant aujourd'hui, Mouvement International des Etudiants Catholiques (MIEC) / Jeunesse Etudiante Catholique Internationale (JECI)

13-22 October, Antalya, Turkey,
XIth World Forestry Congress, International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)/IUBM

21-25 October, Santiago de Chile,
The Catholic University as it Faces the Challenges of the 21st Century, International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU)

November, Australia,
Conference on Higher Education, Association of Universities for Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee (AVCC)

November, Macau,
3rd Board Meeting, Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP)

9-12 November, Universidade Católica do Salvador de Bahia, Brésil,
Xème Congrès biennal de l'OUI : "Le phénomène de globalisation de l'enseignement supérieur", Organisation Universitaire Inter-américaine (OUI)

12-14 November, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand,
"Universities Responsibilities to Society", 4th IAU Mid-Term Conference, International Association of Universities (IAU)

17-23 November, Barcelona, Spain,
Building Bridges in International Education, Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE)/ European Association for International Education (EAIE) and UNESCO/CEPES

27-28 November, Bogota, Colombia,
Preparatory Seminar on Agriculture and Sustainable Global Development, Programme de Recherche et de Liaison Universitaires pour le Développement (PRELUDE)

16-18 December, University of Warwick, United Kingdom,
Beyond the First Degree, Annual Conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education
1 9 9 8

The Role of Universities in the Education Sector, Conference of Rectors, Vice Chancellors and Presidents of African Universities (COREVIP)

January 1998, Bologna, Italy,
Round Table on Legal Education for the 21st Century, European Law Students' Association and UNESCO

4-7 January, Manchester, United Kingdom,
International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement. The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

6-10 January, Auckland, New Zealand,
11th International Meeting of University Administrators "The Business of Universities", The University of Auckland, New Zealand

19-21 January, Barcelona, Spain,
University: Strategies for Progress. International Seminar on Strategic Management and Quality of Universities, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain

Février 1998,
L'enseignement supérieur et la diversité culturelle dans le cas du Liban, colloque FISE - Ligue des Professeurs de l'Université libanaise

16-18 February, Tehran, Iran,
Regional Seminar on Higher Education in the Coming Century, Iranian National Commission for UNESCO in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

March, France,
Le rôle de l'enseignement supérieur dans la société, aux Etats-Unis et en France, à l'aube du XXIème siècle. French and American Associations of the International Federation of University Women

2-6 March, Beirut, Lebanon,
Regional Conference on Higher Education for Arab States, UNESCO Beirut

April, Italy,
Higher Education in the Mediterranean Basin: The CMU Master's Degree and its Recognition, Community of Mediterranean Universities (CUM

5-7 April, Canberra, Australia,
Conference on Higher Education and Human Resource Development for the Pacific Basin: Issues for the 21st Century, International Association of University Presidents, Australian Vice Chancellor's Committee and IDP Education Australia, Ltd.

7-10 April, Tours, France,
Towards the Global University: Strategies for the Third Millennium, University of Central Lancashire, California State University, Fresno, IUT Tours

30 April - 4 May, Rhodes, Greece,
Développement insulaire (système des îles) durable. Rôles de la recherche et de la formation. PRELUDE, Universités d'Egée, de Thrace, de Chypre et l'Université Nationale Technique d'Athènes

May, Italy,
Teaching Centres of Excellence - Towards A Virtual Socio-Economic Observatory for the Mediterranean, Community of Mediterranean Universities (CUM)

4-6 June, Paris, France,
Colloque international sur Les politiques d'ouverture des universités, Université de Paris VIII

12-17 July, Cape Town, South Africa,
Xth World Congress Education, Equity and Transformation. The World Council of Comparative Education Societies

3-7 August, Paris, France,
Round Table on Counselling as a Profession: Status, Organization and Human Rights, International Round Table for the Advancement of Counselling (IRTAC)

16-21 August, Ottawa, Canada,
Leadership and the Management of Change, General Conference of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

23-29 August, Vienna, Austria,
15th World Computer Congress, International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)/International Federation for Informatics Processing (IFIP)

August, Berlin, Germany,
General Assembly of the Association of European Universities, Association of European Universities (CRE)

7-9 September, Paris, France,
Conférence générale du Programme IMHE de l'OCDE

9-12 September, Donostia - San Sebastian, the Basque Country, Spain
Higher Education Institutions: open to innovation, willing to learn, 20th Annual EAIR Forum

October, Bogota, Colombia,
Relations ville-campagne : développement agraire durable. Rôles de l'enseignement supérieur. PRELUDE, Fundación Universitaria Agraria de Colombia (Bogota), Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Medellin), Universidad Javeriana (Bogota)

5-9 October, Paris, France,
World Conference on Higher Education, UNESCO

Part II: Post-WCHE Meetings


A summary is as follows:

1. Regional Coverage and Number of Meetings
Arab States
Europe/North America
Latin America/Caribbean


2. Number of Meetings by Source
Member States
IGOs and UN

1 9 9 8

3-4 December, Paris, France,
UNESCO/AIESEC Round Table on Business Ethics
1 9 9 9

21-23 January, Monrovia, Liberia,
Consultation nationale sur l'enseignement supérieur au Liberia, UNESCO Dakar


4-5 February, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,
Mongolian Higher Education: A Vision for the XXIst Century - National Conference, Consortium of Mongolian Universities and Colleges

6-7 February, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,
The First Forum of Mongolian Universities and College Teachers, Consortium of Mongolian Universities and Colleges

March, Ho Chi Minh-Ville, Vietnam,
Développement urbain durable. Tâches de la formation et de la recherche. PRELUDE, Centre d'Etudes sur le Sud-Est Asiatique et l'Université d'Ho Chi Minh-Ville

20-27 March, Opatija, Croatia,
XXXV Council Meeting of the European Law Students' Association

25-28 March, Crete, Greece,
2000 and beyond: The Future Role of International Offices within Higher Agricultural Institutions in an Expanding Europe, Third European Conference for International Relation Officers at Agricultural and Related Sciences Institutions

15 April, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,
Conférence sur le renforcement de la coopération entre le Groupe de Santander et les universités africaines, Groupe de Santander et UNESCO Dakar

3-6 May, Yantai, China,
National Workshop on Higher Education and Knowledge Economy, UNESCO Bangkok in collaboration with China Higher Education Society

6-9 May, Berlin, Germany,

3rd ICA Conference: The Future of Higher Education in Agriculture and Related Sciences in Europe, Interuniversity Conference for Agriculture and Related Sciences

20-21 May, Bordeaux, France,
51e Conférence semestrielle et 40e anniversaire de la CRE, Association of European Universities

25-26 May, Brussels, Belgium,
Business in Society in European Universities and Business Schools, European Business Network for Social Cohesion

29 May, Paris, France,
Journée d'étude De la connaissance à la compétence : les clés de l'employabilité des femmes diplômées de l'enseignement supérieur, Association Française des Femmes Diplômées des Universités et le Cercle des Jeunes Membres

29 May - 1 June, Quebec, Canada,
1st World Congress of Colleges and Polytechnics, Association of Canadian Community Colleges in collaboration with the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada

Fin mai - début juin, Mexico,
Rencontre à l'initiative FISE-FNSU du Mexique avec 23 syndicats universitaires de 12 pays d'Amérique latine et des Caraïbes

9-11 June, Nairobi, Kenya,
Deuxième atelier de formation sur la reconnaissance des études et des diplômes de l'enseignement supérieur, UNESCO Dakar

20-24 June, Vienna, Austria,

19th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education: The New Educational Frontier - Teaching and Learning in a Networked World, International Council for Open and Distance Education

24-25 June, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand,
National Brainstorming Session on Thailand's Action Plan to Follow-up the World Conference on Higher Education, UNESCO Bangkok

11-14 July, Brussels, Belgium,
XII Triennial Conference of the International Association of University Presidents

11-14 July, Tucson, Arizona, USA,
A Global Conference - Universities and the Health of the Disadvantaged: Building Coalitions with the Health Professions, Local Governments, and Their Communities, WHO, UNESCO, The University of Arizona

24-31 July, Malta,
Summer University Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, European Democrat Students

1-15 August, Strasbourg, France,
Les comités internationaux de la JECI et du MIEC: Ethique et spiritualité étudiantes pour rebâtir l'utopie

15-27 August, Kingston, Ontario, Canada,
Women and Democracy Seminar, OUI, hosted by Queen's University and the University of Ottawa

17-18 August, Katmandu, Nepal,
National Seminar-cum-Workshop on Higher Education in the 21st Century, UNESCO Bangkok

1-3 September, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
12th EBEN Annual Conference New Instruments for Coping with Diversity in International Business, organized by the European Institute for Business Ethics and Universiteit Nyenrode, the Netherlands Business School

2-5 September, Bangalore, India,
Rencontre des syndicats universitaires : Asie et Pays arabes, Fédération Internationale Syndicale de l'Enseignement (FISE)

8 September, Barcelona, Spain,
Pharmacy Education: A New Mission, A New Approach, FIP/IPSF symposium

8-9 September, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
IFIP General Assembly, International Federation for Information Processing

16-18 September, Madrid, Spain,
Conference on The Internationalisation of Higher Education and the Convention of COLUMBUS Members, COLUMBUS

22-25 September, Harare, Zimbabwe,
Premier atelier sous-régional UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning sur la conception et la rédaction des matériels pédagogiques pour l'enseignement supérieur à distance, UNESCO Dakar

23-25 September, Budapest, Hungary,
Education International Conference, Education International

23-26 September, Jyväskylä, Finland,
Tourism Industry and Education Symposium organized by the School of Tourism and Services Management of the Jyväskylä Polytechnic and the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom

27-30 September, Praia, Cape Verde,
Forum on Higher Education in Cape Verde, organized by the Ministry of Education of Cape Verde

29 September - 1 October, Melbourne, Australia,
Access or Exclusion? Trade in Transnational Education Services, The Fourth Annual Conference of the Global Alliance for Transnational Education

29 September - 2 October, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania,
Premier atelier sous-régional de formation sur la gestion des institutions d'enseignement supérieur à distance en Afrique, UNESCO Dakar et Commonwealth of Learning

4-7 October, Peru,
Seminar Educación a distancia y nuevas tecnologías, organized by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Universidad del Pacífico, Universidad de Lima

8 October, London, United Kingdom,
Taking Stock: Women and Leadership in Higher Education. Perspectives from the US and the UK. Seminar organized by the Society for Research into Higher Education

10-13 October, Seoul, Korea,
The Role and Mission of the University for the beginning of the New Millennium, the 1999 Seoul International Conference of University Presidents

10-14 October, Quebec, Canada,
XIth Biennial Congress of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) Academic Mobility in the Context of Interamerican Integration , IOHE

10-16 October, Seoul,
The 1999 International Conference of NGOS The Role of NGOs in the 21st Century: Inspire, Empower, Act!

11-12 October, Glasgow, United Kingdom,
International Seminar: The Response of Higher Education Institutions to Regional Needs, Society for Research into Higher Education

13-17 October, Beijing, China,
AAOU 13th Annual Conference on Open and Distance Education Systems and Models facing 21st Century's Information and Learning Society, AAOU and UNESCO Bangkok

3-4 November, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka,
Symposium on Higher Education Reform in the 21st Century, UNESCO Bangkok

15-20 November, Kebangsaan, Malaysia,
Seminar-cum-Workshop on Asian Women Leaders in Higher Education - Management Challenges for New Millennium, National Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia and UNESCO Bangkok

18-19 November, Porto Alegre, Brazil,

University Science and Technology: the Latin American and Caribbean Views of the World Science Conference, Grupo Montevideo and Universidad Federal de Rio Grande do Sul

23-27 November, Angeles City, Philippines,
Third AUAP General Conference: Globalization of Higher Education. A Mandate for the Third Millennium, co-organized by the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and Angeles University, Angeles City, Philippines

29-30 November, Caracas, Venezuela,
Regional Meeting for the Creation of the Network of UNESCO Chairs in Culture of Peace

1-4 December, Barranquilla, Colombia,
Congreso Nacional de Educación Superior, Instituto Colombiano para el Fomento de la Educación Superior (ICFES)

2-4 December, Maastricht, The Netherlands,
Good Neighbours and Faraway Friends: Regional Dimensions of International Education, 11th Annual Conference of the European Association for International Education

14 December, Utrecht, the Netherlands,
Central and Eastern European Day 1999, seminar on international assistance for the reconstruction of higher education in the Balkans organized by the Netherlands' Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education

14-16 December, Manchester, United Kingdom,
Higher Education and its Communities, Annual Conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education
2 0 0 0

Début 2000, Dakar, Senegal,
Rencontre des syndicats universitaires Afrique de l'Ouest : La place des nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication dans l'enseignement supérieur et la recherche, Fédération Internationale Syndicale de l'Enseignement (FISE)

15-20 January, Washington DC, USA,
52nd IAESTE Annual Conference, The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

Février 2000, Bangalore, India,
Enseignement supérieur et problèmes économiques contemporains, FISE avec les syndicats universitaires d'Inde, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, Nepal, Palestine

2-5 February, Golitzyno, Russian Federation,
The University of the 21st Century: Challenges for the Humanities, Russian Ministry of Education

7-11 February, Las Palmas,
Atelier de formation sur l'accès à l'information scientifique et technologique, UNESCO Dakar et l'Université de Las Palmas

7-11 February, Havana, Cuba,
2da. Convención Internacional de Educación Superior Universidad 2000, Ministerio de Educación Superior de la República de Cuba, con el auspicio de la Universidad de La Habana, la Universidad de Matanzas, la Universidad Agraria de La Habana y el Instituto Superior Politécnico "José Antonio Echeverría"

13-19 February, Bangkok, Thailand,
Meeting of the IAUP Executive Committee combined with both an IAUP South East Asia Council meeting and an academic conference on Universities in Development and Environment, International Association of University Presidents

15-19 February, Cape Town, South Africa,
Réunion consultative BREDA/COL sur la coopération dans le domaine de la formation à distance et l'enseignement ouvert en Afrique, UNESCO Dakar et Commonwealth of Learning

29 February - 5 March, Adana, Turkey,
1st International Conference of Student Representatives for Sustainable Development, Cukurova University and Cukurova University Student Council in co-operation with the Higher Committee of Student Councils and Youth Association for Habitat and Agenda 21

15-19 March, Bucharest, Romania,
Invitational Seminar on the Bilingual University - Its Origins, Mission, and Functioning, UNESCO-CEPES

16-17 March, Prague, Czech Republic,

The First Research Workshop of EDEN, Research and Innovation in Open and Distance Learning, European Distance Education Network in co-operation with EUCEN - the European Universities Continuing Education Network

16-19 March, Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,
17th Congress of the International Union of Students, IUS

20-26 March, Warsaw, Poland,
XXXV Council Meeting of the European Law Students' Association

28 March, Helsinki, Finland,
International Seminar Science shaping the future, University of Helsinki

28-30 March, Strasbourg, France,
7ème réunion du Comité de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (CC-HER), Conseil de l'Europe

29 March - 1 April, Kampala, Uganda,
Deuxième atelier sous-régional UNESCO/COL sur la conception et la rédaction des matériels pédagogiques pour l'enseignement supérieur à distance, UNESCO Dakar et Commonwealth of Learning

1-4 April, Cuba,
3rd South American and Caribbean Student Congress, OCLAE

4-7 April, Dalat University, Viet Nam,
National Workshop on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Dalat University and UNESCO Bangkok

7-12 April, Birmingham, United Kingdom,
The Leadership and Management of Universities, management seminar for university leaders organized by CRE and the OECD/IMHE Programme

10-13 April, Nanterre, France,
Congrès Apprendre et enseigner dans l'enseignement supérieur organisé par ADMES-AIPU

16-20 April, Capetown, South Africa,
Towards the Global University II: Redefining Excellence in the Third Millennium, organized by the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom, California State University, Fresno, USA, Cape Technikon, South Africa

17-19 April, Nairobi, Kenya,
Première réunion du Comité régional africain chargé du suivi de la Conférence mondiale sur l'enseignement supérieur, UNESCO Dakar

17-19 April, Beirut, Lebanon,
33rd Session and Scientific Conference of the Association of Arab Universities

25-27 April, Mexico City, Mexico,
International Multilingual Conference Distance Education for Public Health Professionals: Retrospective and Future, Inter-American Distance Education Consortium, Pan-American Health Organization, Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicación Educativa, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

2-3 May, Porto, Portugal,
Opening Higher Education to New Publics, University of Porto

4-6 May, Tromso, Norway,
Higher Education for Peace, University of Tromso and Tromso College in association with the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO

4-7 May, Thessaloniki, Greece,
Counselling in the new millennium: meeting the challenges of diversity and promoting peace and social inclusion, International Association for Counselling and the School of Psychology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

9 May, New York, USA,
University for a Night: Synergos at the United Nations

12-14 May, Bucharest, Romania,
First Meeting of the World Conference on Higher Education Regional Follow-up Committee for the Europe Region, UNESCO-CEPES

16-19 May, Monterrey, Mexico,
The First Distance Education International Conference Millennium, the Virtual University of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

18 - 21 May, Trier, Germany,
Seminar on Environmental Law and Nuclear Power in Germany and Europe, European Law Students' Association

19-23 May, Istanbul, Turkey,
Quality Assurance as a Tool for Change, CRE/IMHE management seminar

22-23 May, New York, USA,
Réunion internationale sur les équivalences de diplômes, organisée par le Cercle de Réflexion des Nations Unies

22-25 May, Nice, France,
Where OSS Innovation Meets the Market - Operations Software for the New Generation, TeleManagement World

25-27 May, Skagen, Denmark,
Workshop on Supply on Scientific Information to and from Developing Countries by Means of Internet, International Association of University Presidents

1-4 June, Konstanz, Germany,
Seminar on Interlaw - Law on the Data Highway, European Law Students' Association

8-9 June, Trondheim, Norway,
53e Conférence semestrielle de la CRE: Inventer l'avenir de la recherche européenne: le rôle des universités, Association des universités européennes, Fondation européenne de la science et l'Université norvégienne des sciences et des technologies

10-14 June, Prague, Czech Republic,
Students' Forum 2000 Developing Values for and in Education in a Globalizing World, Forum 2000 Foundation

19-21 June, Lisbon, Portugal,
ODL Networking for Quality Learning, sponsored by the European Commission (Education and Culture) and the Universidade Abierta, Portugal

28-30 June, Melbourne, Australia,
Twelfth International Conference on Assessing Quality in Higher Education, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA, Caledonian Conferences, Scotland, and the Centre for Management Quality Research, RMIT University

2-6 July, Bethlehem University, Palestinian Territories,
Bethlehem 2000: Stewardship of Creation: Challenges and Responsibility for Higher Education in the 21st Century. Second International Conference of ACCU-IEF (Associations of Christian Colleges and Universities - International Ecumenical Forum)

3-5 July, Istanbul, Turkey,
Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training, organized by UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics, Bogazici University, Turkey and TEGEV-Foundation for the Development of Technology based Education and Training, Turkey

8-9 July, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
Apocalypse Law? The Frontiers of Law in the 21st Century, European Law Students' Association

9-23 July, Coimbra, Portugal,
Law School on Human Rights and Democratisation, European Law Students' Association

24-27 July, Rustenburg, South Africa,
ISSED 2000 - Nineteenth International Seminar on Staff and Educational Development, University of the North West, South Africa, in association with Caledonian Conference, Glasgow, Scotland

24-31 July, Malta,
Annual EDS Summer University, European Democrat Students

1-5 August, Fremantle, Australia,
Pédagogie universitaire et formation intégrale : un défi pour l'université catholique du troisième millénaire, 20e assemblée générale de la Fédération internationale des universités catholiques

6-10 August, Bergen, Norway,
Sustainability in the Third Millennium, Eighteenth International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

6-18 August, Geneva, Switzerland,
VI Summer University of Human Rights and the Right to Education, OIDEL and WUS Latin America

17-19 August, Sendai, Japan,
Exploring New Frontiers of Theoretical Informatics, the first International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science of the International Federation for Information Processing Technical Committee on Foundations of Computer Science

22-25 August, Durban, South Africa,
IAU Golden Jubilee and Eleventh General Conference Universities - Gateway to the Future, International Association of Universities

3-6 September, Santiago de Compostela, Spain,
Access to Higher Education: the Unfinished Business. An Evaluation for the Millennium, the 9th EAN (European Access Network) Annual Convention with the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Compostela Group of Universities

3-10 September, Rome, Italy,
World meeting of university professors: The University for a New Humanism, Congregation for Catholic Education, Pontifical Council for Culture, Diocese of Rome

11-13 September, Paris, France,
2000 IMHE General Conference Beyond the Entrepreneurial University? Global Challenges and Institutional Responses, OECD

14-16 September, Bologna, Italy,
12e Forum Européen de la Télévision et du Cinéma: Internet et télévision à l'heure du numérique - un défi à la culture et à l'industrie européennes, the European Institute for the Media

28-30 September, Malmö, Sweden,
ESHA Conference 2000: Towards a Society of Knowledge - Building Bridges

12-13 October, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
First Session of the Regional Follow-up Committee Meeting, UNESCO Bangkok, University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia

15-18 October, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

First Conference of the Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Islamic Countries

Novembre 2000,
Europe-Amérique latine : un colloque des ministres de l'enseignement supérieur

30 November - 2 December, Leipzig, Germany,
12th Annual Conference of the European Association for International Education Re-forming higher education: the international way
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9-11 January, Guangzhou, China,
International Conference on Learning and Teaching On-line - Practices, Challenges and Prospects, Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, Asian Association of Open Universities, South China Normal University, UNESCO Bangkok

Jakarta, Indonesia,
International Conference on the Role of Private Higher Education in Human Resources Development in an Emerging Knowledge Economy, Ministry of Education, Indonesia, UNESCO Bangkok, SEAMEO RIHED


24-26 March, Oman,
Higher Education Conference

27-29 March, Cape Town, South Africa,
Globalisation and Higher Education: Views from the South, international conference hosted jointly by the Education Policy Unit of the University of the Western Cape and the Society for Research into Higher Education, in association with the Higher Education Institutions of the Western Cape and the Association of Commonwealth Universities

1-5 April, Düsseldorf, Germany,
The Future of Learning - Learning for the Future: Shaping the Transition, 20th World Conference on Open Leraning and Distance Education, International Council for Open and Distance Education

11-14 May, Zielona Gora, Poland,
International Seminar on the Emergence of Universities: New Higher Education Institutions and their Role in Local and Regional Development, organized by the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development, Warsaw University, and the Office of the Regional Governor, upon the initiative of UNESCO-CEPES

27-29 June, Copenhagen, Denmark,
Partnerships and Social Responsibility in the New Economy, The Copenhagen Centre

10-17 August, Ottawa, Canada,
27th IFUW Triennial Conference, International Federation of University Women

27-31 August, Durban, South Africa,
2nd World Conference on Modern Criminal Investigation, Organized Crime and Human Rights, Technikon of Southern Africa