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    Countries are at the heart of the Education for All movement

    The Dakar Framework for Action places the main responsibility for achieving education for all on countries and requests all States to develop or strengthen existing national plans of action by 2002 at the latest. These plans, it stipulates, should be integrated into wider poverty reduction and development frameworks.

    It also recommends that countries establish or strengthen National EFA Forums to support their efforts and that all relevant ministries and national civil society organizations be systematically represented on them.

    In an effort to assist countries in drawing up or strengthening existing national EFA plans, UNESCO has developed Country Guidelines on the Preparation of National EFA Plans of Action.

    This section provides the names of National EFA Forum members as well as of the National EFA Co-ordinators. It also reports on development frameworks that are operating in countries and whether EFA plans are integrated into these frameworks, and if so, which ones. The texts of National EFA Plans, once completed, will also figure in this section.

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