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High-Level Group on Education for All: Report, 2001





Setting the context - Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO
Structure of the current report

Achieving EFA goals at national level
EFA planning goes ahead in Pakistan despite difficulties
Progress through partnership and consultation in Senegal
Discussion and reactions

Building political commitment and partnerships
Effective consultation and effective management:keys to EFA for Canada
UNICEF 's priority:fulfilling our obligation to children
Discussion and reactions

Mobilizing resources in support of EFA
Commitment:the basis for action - United Kingdom
Japan:investing in capacity
France:cooperating to promote access,equity and quality in education
G8:education now on the agenda
Gaps of financing and policy identified by the World Bank
Discussion and reactions

Civil society participation
Civil society has a unique and essential contribution - Oxfam GB
Education as a human right - Global March against Child Labour
Discussion and reactions

Monitoring EFA progress - towards a quality annual report

Role and nature of the High-Level Group

An observer 's viewpoint


1.Address by Mr Koïchiro Matsuura,Director-General of UNESCO
2.Communiqué from the High-Level Group
3.List of participants and observers
4.Agenda and programme of the meeting
5.List of documents
6.List of abbreviations