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Third Meeting of the Working Group on Education for All, 22-23 July 2002

Terms of reference for background information papers by participants

Participants are requested to prepare one-page background information papers on progress on EFA, as follows:

1. Developing countries are requested to inform the meeting the EFA process in their countries, with particular attention to

  • EFA planning processes: how is planning organised? How does it relate to other planning such as PRSPs and sector-wide approaches?

  • partnerships and consultations: whom has the government consulted in EFA planning? Is there an EFA consultation grouping or Forum? Who is involved? What is the role in planning of civil society?

  • sources of financing: how far do the plans include or imply re-allocation of national budgetary resources? Which external partners are being addressed? What is their role in planning?

    2. Bilateral and multilateral agencies are requested to provide brief information on their financial and technical commitments towards EFA, with a focus on initiatives developed since Dakar.

    3. Regional bodies are requested to provide an up-date on EFA in their regions, focusing on the development of partnerships, exchange of information and experience, and regional advocacy efforts on behalf of EFA.

    4. NGOs and civil society organizations are requested to provide a short statement on their involvement in national EFA planning and consultations, on their advocacy efforts, and on EFA-related programmes and other initiatives.

    Participants are asked to send these to UNESCO by 12 July so that they can be compiled and distributed at the meeting. Papers will not be presented ora