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Working Group on Education for All

From Paris to Brasilia

The Working Group discussed the agenda of the next major EFA gathering: the Fourth EFA High-Level Group Meeting (HLG) (Brasilia, 8-10 November). Abhimanyu Singh, Director of the Division of International Coordination and Monitoring for Education for All, outlined current efforts to make this meeting more focused and interactive. In the spirit of further integration, the Working Group proposed that the HLG meeting be integrated with the FTI Partners' Group (Brazilia, 10-12 November), under the EFA umbrella, coordinated by UNESCO.

The Working Group was clear that this meeting should:

send out a message of urgency and hope about meeting the EFA and MDG goals;

become more ambitious and influential. “It’s not quite there yet", one participant said.

Have representation from the highest level, especially Ministers of Development Co-operation from industrialized countries.