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Working Group on Education for All

Unlocking the FTI potential


The Fast-Track Initiative began to take shape two years ago; by this meeting it was much clearer what its potential is. It can be a tool for more aid and more effective aid – a compact between funders and developing countries.

FTI will:

mobilize more funds for primary education through the normal channels of development financing;

assist those countries where few funders are currently committed through the recently established Catalytic Fund;

put money into helping countries prepare plans where capacity is weak or has been damaged due to conflict.

Regarding the shape of FTI to come, the Working Group called for countries and donors at the national level to strive for more harmonization and for UNESCO to become more involved at the country level.


Education for All: the Fast-Track Initiative by Rosemary Bellew of the World Bank

Is FTI Living up to its Potential? by Scott Walter of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)