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Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Forum
Name of the Co-ordinator
Mr Armoogum Parsuramen, Director
Address: UNESCO Dakar
12, avenue L. S. Senghor, DAKAR, Senegal
Tel: (221) 849.23.23
Fax: (221) 823.83.93


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Latest Meeting: EFA coordinators in Africa discuss progress, Dakar 28 June to 2 July 2004
The frequent turn-over of Education Ministers hampers progress towards Education for All, said national EFA coordinators from twenty French-speaking countries in Africa. They gathered in Dakar from 28 June to 2 July to evaluate problems and progress encountered at country level. "Every time there is a new minister the national EFA coordination unit is pulled apart," they said. The coordinators reiterated their determination to make the necessary efforts to achieve the goal of universal primary schooling in all French-speaking African countries by 2015. However, they also highlighted a number of difficulties in such areas as data analysis and simulations and evaluations of financial needs. Today all twenty countries have produced more or less advanced versions of their national EFA plans. But they still need technical assistance to ensure the improvement of these plans as well as their integration into poverty and development frameworks such as UNDAF and the Fast-Track Initiative

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