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Dakar, 28 April 2000
181 Governments Adopt Framework for Action at the World Education Forum

Dakar, 27 April 2000
Donor Agencies Stress the Responsability of Governements to Finance Education For All

Dakar, 27 April 2000
World Bank: Placing Education at the Core of Development

Dakar, 27 April 2000
UNICEF Calls for Debt Forgiveness for Education

Dakar, 26 April 2000
United Nations Initiative on Girl's Education Launched at the Opening of Largest Education Conference in a Decade

Dakar, 26 April 2000
Role of the NGO's and Civil Society Stressed at World Education Forum Briefing in Dakar

Paris, 21 April 2000
Joint Statement by the Convenors of the World Education Forum

New York, 18 April 2000
Dakar Meeting Will Reinforce Commitment To Education For All

Paris, 11 April 2000
World Education Forum To Boost Drive For Education For All

Paris, 10 March 2000
New Feature Series on Education Themes From Around the Globe

Washington, 1 March 2000
Higher Education Key to Knowledge Economy

Paris, 22 February 2000
Biggest Review of Education in History

Paris, 15 February 2000
UNESCO Director-General Outlines His Vision of Education for All

Warsaw, 8 February 2000
Europe and North America Redefine Basic Education for the Information Society

Warsaw, 6 February 2000
Trends and Challenges of Basic Education in Europe and North American at Warsaw Conference

Recife, 3 February 2000
Nine High-Population Countries Pledge to Intensity Efforts to Ensure Education for All

Bangkok, 20 January 2000
Governments in Asia and the Pacific Urged to Act on Promises

Bangkok, 18 January 2000
Overcoming Hurdles to Education for All in Asia and the Pacific

Bangkok, 17 January 2000
Education a Defense Against Economic Crisis

Warsaw, 17 January 2000
Education for All in Europe and North America Under Review at Warsaw Conference (Feb.6 - 8)

Bangkok, 12 January 2000
Gains, Losses in Education for All in Asia and the Pacific

Johannesburg, 8 December 1999
Education: A Tool to Reverse Africa's Endemic Malaise

Johannesburg, 7 December 1999
AIDS Epidemic Wiping Out Gains in Education

Johannesburg, 6 December 1999
President Mbeki Inaugurates Sub-Saharan Conference on Education for All