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Strategy sessions

A series of strategy sessions provided the participants of the World Education Forum to deliberate on important issues related to the Education for All movement. Participants were asked to identify priorities for the world community and to discuss success stories and learning experiences in basic education.
The conclusions and proposals arising from the strategy sessions were incorporated into the final report of the Forum, which will be widely distributed and specifically communicated to the several United Nations development conferences scheduled during 2000 and 2001.
Strategy session I.1
Technology for Basic Education: A Luxury or a Necessity?
Strategy session I.2
Overcoming Obstacles to Educating Girls
Strategy session I.3
Meeting Special/Diverse Educational Needs: Making Inclusive Education a Reality
 Strategy session I.4
Making Primary Education Universal and Free
Strategy session I.5
Expanding Access to Early Childhood Care and Development Programmes
Strategy session I.6
Designing Basic Education Content to Meet the Needs and Values of Society
Strategy session I.8
Enabling Teachers to Enable Learners
Strategy session II.1
Overcoming the Effects of HIV/AIDS on Basic Education
Strategy session II.2
Utilizing Debt Relief for Education
Strategy session II.3
Working with the Business Community to Strengthen Basic Education
Strategy session II.4
Strategic Choices in the Development and Use of Teaching and Learning Resources
Strategy session II.5
Education in Situations of Emergency and Crisis
Strategy session II.7
Mobilizing New Resources for Basic Education
Strategy session II.8
Building Effective Partnerships with Funding Agencies
Strategy session III.2
Promoting population and reproductive health, especially among young people, through basic education
Strategy session III.3
Building social integration through bilingual and mother tongue education
Strategy session III.4
A FRESH Start to School Health: Improving learning and educational outcomes by improving health, hygiene and nutrition
Strategy session III.6
Including the excluded: enhancing educational access and quality
Strategy session III.8
After primary education, what ?