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EMAP - E-Network on Educational Planning & Management

Within the framework of UNESCO’s support to national education strategies, especially for achieving Education for All goals by 2015, UNESCO's Education Sector proposes a virtual network on Educational Planning and Management, called E-MAP.

E-MAP aims to:

E-MAP offers:

Three databases accessible in three languages: English, French and Spanish

E-MAP also offers a discussion forum promoting live dialogue through the members of the E-MAP community of practice

Your subscription to E-MAP will give you access to all its features and resources:

You can also have the opportunity to register as an expert or institution on the rosters and/or submit documents for consultation by the E-MAP community.

The portal has been created, supported and developed by and for the community of practice. In order to keep it alive, dynamic, and interactive, we encourage you to take ownership of this tool, which will help to link our community. We count on your active participation.