National Programmes

During 1996-2000, as a follow-up to the launching of the regional training seminar in Malawi, the participating countries organized national training workshops in order to train more trainers of trainers drawn from among the teacher trainers, non formal educators and social workers (and in the case of Uganda also the health personnel). Thus, the programme has a multiplier effect. Other activities were also organized in order to raise awareness among different groups.


The modules in English were edited and sent to all the participating countries.The modules, that are also available on the internet, are supported by audio-visual material. To complete the training package, booklets on the problems of adolescent girls and on rural science and technology have been prepared by FAWE and the UNESCO Nigeria Office. All the English- speaking countries have agreed to integrate the concepts of guidance and counselling into their school curricula. Mozambique has translated the drafts modules and will now translate the finals modules to Portuguese