Teacher Education

As a contribution to the development of teachers, UNESCO, on World Teachers' Day, 5 October 1996, launched the first Reference Package for Teacher Education - Primary Level. The English and French versions have been completed and distributed to Member States, through workshops and other means.

In response to the demand of Member States for UNESCO to assist the improvement of multi-grade teaching, a training package is being prepared for primary school teachers.

The programme was initiated by UNESCO in partnership with the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO and the Royal Ministry of Education in Norway. The countries that were involved in this initial programme were Sri Lanka, Lesotho, South Africa, Niger, Philippines and Tanzania.

Another concern is for improving teacher's capabilities to teach large classes. Although efforts are being made to bring the primary class size down to 40 or less, in reality many primary school classes are between 60 and 100 pupils. The question has been : "How can a teacher best manage such classes so that all children can learn ?" This issue was discussed wih senior teachers and other educators in Mozambique. After exchanging experiences in dealing with large classes, they concluded that a handbook should be prepared for teachers.