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An introduction to resources for the university community: students, academic credential evaluators, tools for policy makers and administrators, as well as for the Secretariats of Regional Committees responsible of the implementation of the conventions for the recognition of diplomas.
Highlights Latest news on access, mobility and quality assurance in higher education including the Global Forum and other inter-regional activities as well as links to the regional committees in Africa, the Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, Europe and the Mediterranean.



The 7 conventions for the recognition of academic qualifications and the Recommendation on the Recognition of Studies and Qualifications in Higher Education. Students' Tool Box for the Assessment of Diplomas, an explanation of how to use these conventions, and 'codes of good practice' in this area.
Electronic resources to find information for access, mobility and quality assurance: databases of National Information Centres for the recognition of diplomas;Study Abroad a guide of university programmes on-line; statistics on access to higher education; annotated web links for further information.
What is
An explanation of access,mobility and quality assurance in higher education. Examples of activities in each area.
Contact Us Information on how to contact the UNESCO's Section for Access, Mobility, and Quality Assurance; a site overview as well as answers to frequently asked questions on UNESCO's role in this area.

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