Expert Meeting on the Impact of Globalization on Higher Education
An Expert meeting addressing the impact of globalisation on quality assurance, accreditation and the recognition of qualifications in higher education was organized by the Division of Higher Education, at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris from 10-11 September 2001.

An International Forum for dialogue on the Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education was proposed under the auspices of UNESCO.

This meeting explored the international dimensions of quality assurance, accreditation and the recognition of qualifications to establish a forum for dialogue among the different stakeholders: nation-states, the private sector, traditional and nontraditional higher education institutions, and students.

Introductory Address of the Assistant Director-General for Education
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The International Dimensions of Quality Assurance, Accreditation and
the Recognition of Qualifications

Throughout the nineties, deliberations in this framework have increasingly focused on the quality in higher education. With new developments in the world of higher education, however, the issues of quality assessment, quality assurance and accreditation, closely linked to the recognition of qualifications, have transcended not only national but also regional borders, the nation-state no longer being the unique provider of higher education in an increasing range of countries. Transnational or borderless education is a topic of discussion and often one of concern. Many new providers have emerged, crossing borders without relating to quality monitoring arrangements in any particular country. An international market in higher education is emerging and some are looking to UNESCO as a forum for discussion of these issues, and notably for the promotion of higher education as a public good, especially in developing countries and in countries in transition.

The meeting will offer an opportunity for a broad exchange of views on the above issues, combining the global perspective with specific regional and national concerns with a view towards the development of an Action Plan to follow up on its recommendations including the possible role of UNESCO to assist this process in the context of its Draft Medium Term Strategy (2001-2007).

This meeting is placed in the framework of the existing mechanisms of Regional Committees in charge of the Conventions on the recognition of qualifications. Panel discussions highlighting on regional perspectives Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the Europe Region will be central to the meeting. In addition there will be an exchange of views from stakeholders from International organizations, and non-governemental organizations.

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