Global Forum on Quality Assurance, Accreditation and
the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education :
Activities List

Clearinghouse Activities:
[a] Information Tools for Students
[b] Glossary of Terms
[c] Worldwide Quality Register;
[d] Trade in Higher Education and GATS Basics

Standard Setting Activities:
[a] Position Paper on Higher Education, Globalization and Trade
[b] Concept Paper on a Code of Good/Ethical Practice

Capacity Building:
[a] Case Studies on the Impact of New Providers on Higher Education
[b] Analytical Studies
[c] Models of Accreditation in 50 Countries
[d] Database on TNE Providers

Clearinghouse activities

[a]. Information Tools for Students
Further development of information tools with partner organizations (CHEA, COL) to give students the skills to be informed consumers of higher education.
- Implementing Partner(s): CHEA, COL, UNESCO Secretariat

[b]. Glossary of Terms
Glossary of terms relating to quality assurance and accreditation. This activity includes the translation of terminology.
- Implementing Partner(s): UNESCO Secretariat, IAUP, CHEA, INQAAHE

[c]. Worldwide Quality Register
Further to the comments made during the 1st Global Forum Task Force Meeting:

i. In addition to the Register's function as a reference point, reinforce its developmental purpose - both having been stressed as important by regional partners;

ii. Expand the scope of the Register to involve a wide range of relevant international and regional actors, including those involved with quality assurance and accreditation of new providers (such as open and distance learning institutions, etc.)

iii. Suggest the use of transparent criteria; extend the consultation process; keep open procedures at this stage and consider the resource and legal implications of establishing, maintaining and 'policing' such a Register;

iv. Clarify UNESCO's role and function in the Consortium, based on the recommendations of the of UNESCO Legal Adviser.

- Implementing Partners: IAUP, INQAAHE, Regional Committees of the UNESCO Conventions on the Recognition of Qualifications in Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Regional Associations of Universities, Regional Accrediting/Quality Assurance Agencies and/or Associations

[d]. Trade in Higher Education and GATS Basics web tools
Development and further elaboration of the 'Trade in Higher Education and GATS Basics' section developed on the Studying Abroad Website
- Implementing Partner (s): UNESCO Secretariat, in consultation with partner associations and agencies.

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Standard setting activities

[a] Position Paper on Higher Education, Globalization and Trade
Paper for discussion at the 1st Global Forum Meeting in October 2002
- Implementing Partner(s): UNESCO Secretariat

[b] Concept paper on a Code of Good/Ethical Practice on Quality Assurance, Accreditation and the Recognition of Qualifications
This paper will take into account the impact of developments in 'borderless' higher education, trans-national education and trade in education services.
- Implementing Partner(s): UNESCO Secretariat

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Capacity building

[a] Case studies on the impact of new providers of higher educaton
- Implementing Partner(s): UNESCO Regional Offices in Africa, Arab States and Asia and the Pacific

[b] Analytical Studies
The impact of private/for profit HE providers in increasing/widening participation ('how is trade in education services making a contribution to public good agendas?')
- Implementing Partner(s): Observatory on Borderless Higher Education and COL

[c] Models of accreditation in 50 countries worldwide
Investigation on 'the impact of accreditation on institutions, is it matching expectations?'
- Implementing Partner(s): IAU

[d] Database of TNE providers
- Implementing Partner(s): UNESCO - CEPES

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