Reference Documents
Expert Meeting on the Impact of Globalization on Higher Education

Keynote Address by Professor Dirk Van Damme of the University of Ghent
Keynote Address by Professor Dirk Van Damme of the University of Ghent (French)
Higher Education in the Age of Globalisation: The need for a new regulatory framework for precognition, quality assurance and accreditation.
(Dr. Dirk Van Damme, Ghent University / Flemish Interuniversity Council)

"Towards Accreditation Schemes for Higher Education in Europe?"
CRE Accreditation Project July 2000 - May 2001 co-funded by SOCRATES programme

Trans-National Education Report
Confederation of European Union Rectors' Conferences Transnational Education Project Report and Recommendation March 2001
(Stephen Adam, University of Westminster)

Sorbonne Declaration
Joint declaration on harmonization of the architecture of the European higher education system of 25 May 2001, Paris.

Riga Report
Final report of Second Session of the Committee of the Convention on the Recognition of Qualification Concerning Higher Education in the European Region,
Riga 6 June 2001

Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Virtual Education: A discussion of models and needs
Professor Robin Middlehurst, Centre for Policy and Change in Higher Education, University of Surrey

Prague Communiqué
'Towards the European higher Education Area' - Communiqué of the meeting of European Ministers in charge of Higher Education in Prague on May 19th 2001

Higher Education and the Global Marketplance: A Practical Guide to Sustaining Quality.
Dr. Marjorie Peace Lenn, Executive Director Center for Quality Assurance in International Education Washington, D.C

Education and ICTs - Current Legal, Economic and Ethical Issues
Varoglu, Zeynep and Wachholz, Cédric. Education and ICTs - Current Legal, Economic and Ethical Issues. Techknowlogia January/February 2001 p15-19

Bologna Declaration
The European Higher Education Area Joint Declaration of the European Ministers of Education Convened in Bologna on the 19th of June 1999

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