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Global Forum on International Quality Assurance, Accreditation and
Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education
The mission of the Global Forum on International Quality Assurance, Accreditation and the Recognition of Qualifications, established under the auspices of UNESCO, is to link existing frameworks dealing with international issues of quality assurance, accreditation and the recognition of qualifications and provide a platform for dialogue between them. The main objective of this Global Forum is to address new challenges to access, quality and equity brought on by the increase in private and commercial provision for higher education worldwide.

Globalization & Higher Education: Implications for North - South Dialogue (May 03)
Internationalization and Globalizaton: A Selected Bibliography (May 03)
Global Forum Launch 17-18 October 2002 (November 02)
Global Forum Information Note (June 02)
Global Forum List of Activities June 02 (.html version or .pdf version)
Global Forum 31st General Conference (October 01)
Expert Meeting on the Impact of Globalization on Higher Education (Sept 01)

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