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Africa Region Highlights

The UNESCO Regional Office for Education in Africa (BREDA) provides the Secretariat for the Africa Regional Convention on the Recognition of Diplomas.

BREDA links include :

BREDA Higher Education - BREDA's mission statement and background to developments in higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Policies and Reforms - BREDA activities in the framework of the African Regional Committee in charge of following up on the World Conference on Higher Education

University Co-operation - Regional co-operation strategies and activities

The Promotion of Women - Follow up to the World Conference on Higher Education recommendation for the improved participation of woman in higher education and development

Teacher Education, 'Teaching at University' 'Status of Teachers' - Activities in the field of Teacher Training, including that of teachers at the University Level.

New Technologies - Activities related to new technologies for teacher training through multimedia materials for on-the job training and retraining of teachers.

Distance Learning - Background and activities, including the publication of a book on the management of higher education distance learning in Sub-Saharan Africa

Capacity Building in Research - Background and outline on this project which aims to reinforce the capacities of African universities in the area of research

Publications and Contacts - Recent publications and works in progress through BREDA. Contact information for the Main Higher Education Specialist in Africa.

Secretariat for the Africa Regional Convention

Regional Convention on the Recognition of Diplomas



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