Tools : Conventions and Codes of Good Practice

What is a Convention?

A convention on the recognition of studies is a legal agreement between countries agreeing to recognize academic qualifications issued by other countries who have ratified the same agreement. At present there are 6 regional conventions on the recognition of qualifications (Africa, Arab States, Asia and Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and 2 European Conventions) as well as 1 interregional convention (Mediterranean Convention). Each ratifying state of the Convention has the obligation to establish a national information centre which deals with practical issues related to the assessment of qualifications, information exchange and processing. In addition, every two years, each convention has a meeting of its Regional Committee responsible for policy decisions relating to the Convention, to discuss rising issues in the region for the implementation of the convention. These meetings are convened by the Secretariat of each Regional Committee, assured by UNESCO.

Tool Box

Students' Guide to the Conventions on the Recognition of Studies

7 Conventions on the Recognition of Qualifications. Ratifying States for each Convention and official translations.

Recommendation on the Recognition of Studies and Qualifications in
Higher Education

Codes of good practice - Tools for transparency such as the Diploma Supplement.