Codes of Good Practice: The Diploma Supplement Example

The Diploma Supplement was initiated by UNESCO and revised jointly by UNESCO, the European Commission and the Council of Europe to provide additional information on student's qualifications. A subsidiary text to the Convention for the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisbon 1997), it is a tool for promoting the transparency of higher education qualifications (Lisbon Recognition Convention Section IX. Article IX.3). The Diploma Supplement explains the contents of the qualifications delivered by higher education institutions in an internationally understandable form. It was piloted in 35 institutions and is meant to always be used with the diploma, never alone. The information provided in the Diploma Supplement is:

Details of the Diploma Supplement

Information identifying the holder of the qualification
Family name(s):
Given name(s):
Date of birth: (day/month/year)
Student identification number or code: (if available)

Information identifying the qualification and its originating institution
Name of the qualification: (in original language)
Name and type of awarding institution:(in original language)
Name and type of institution administering studies: (in original language)
Language(s) of instruction/examination:

Information on the level of the qualification
Level of qualification:
Access requirements(s):
Main field(s) of study for the qualification:

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Information on the contents and results gained
Mode of study:
Normal length of programme:
Programme requirements:
Components, courses, modules or units studied:
(if this information is available on an official transcript this should be used here)

Individual grades obtained:
Grading scheme, grade translation and grade distribution guidance:
Overall classification of the award:(in original language)

Information on the function of the qualification
Title conferred by the qualification:(in original language)
Access to further study:
Professional status conferred:

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Additional information
Additional information:
Further information sources:

Certification of the supplement
Official stamp or seal:

Information on the national higher education system(s)
General overview of the educational system(s)
Description of the national higher education awards structure(s).