CONFINTEA Mid-Term Review 2003
Six Years After CONFINTEA V: Status and Future Prospects of Adult Learning

CONFINTEA V Mid-Term Review Conference 
Bangkok, Thailand, September 6-11, 2003

Draft Synthesis of Review Reports

Selected Reports from Countries/Regions:
Africa Arab Region Asia & Pacific Europe/North Am. Latin America
& Caribbean
Regional Report Regional Report
Angola Egypt Bangladesh Canada Bolivia
Botswana Morocco Republic of Korea Czech Republic Brazil
Brazil, commissioned study
Burkina Faso Myanmar Denmark Colombia
Cameroon Mongolia Finland Cuba
Democratic Republic of the Congo New Zealand Germany Dominican Republic
Côte d'Ivoire Thailand Iceland Panama
Ghana statistics
Tashkent Regional Conference
Call to Action
Israel St. Lucia
Kenya Latvia
Madagascar Norway
Mali Poland
National Policy on Adult Learning 2003 (Draft)
Nigeria, commissioned study
Serbia and Montenegro
South Africa Slovenia
Senegal Sweden
Appendix 1  Appendix 2  Appendix 3 Appendix 4  Appendix 5  Appendix 6  Appendix 7  Appendix 8
Uganda Switzerland
Zambia UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland