*** 2002 ***
Having re-named and broadened the concept of the formerly entitled literacy week, the second Adult Learners Week in Namibia took place in 2002. It was used as a moment in time to review progress and setbacks and to hold adult education providers accountable for their work, by, for instance, publishing an annual report including the number of adult learners. While the aims of Namibia's Adult Learnes Week are to promote lifelong learning, to show the existing provision, to stimulate debate among educators and learners, to improve delivery and to link adult learning with development, it is also used as a good opportunity to disrupt the stigma of literacy and adult learning as a second-hand education.

As in every year, activites concentrated in one area of the coutrny, while in ALL areas a smaller number of activities was carried out.


For the first time in 2001, the national literacy week in Namibia was transformed into an Adult Learners' Week. On 1 - 8 September, events were carried out in a number of municipalities all over the country, under the general coordination of the Basic Education Division of the Ministry of Education, yet with the active involvement of all other divisions of the Ministry and local NGOs. Open reading sessions, cultural performances, drama and talk shows in public television were arranged to inform the public on the benefits of lifelong learning, to present learning opportunities to adults and to promote a learning culture amongst Namibians. The activities were also used to motivate potential new stakeholders to join forces in enhancing adult learning.

One national event each day was set up on a particular topic, ranging from the inclusion of people with disabilities, the function of libraries and reading, learning possibilities for out-of-school youth and learning opportunities at work, to public discussions on the importance of an adult learners week. The concluding day (8 September) was consecrated to the celebration of national Literacy Day.

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