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    CON-NEXUS Online 04 ------------
    CONFINTEA Nexus Online: The Electronic
    CONFINTEA Follow-up Bulletin --------------
    4th Issue ---------------------------------
    24 July 1998 ------------------------------
    Published by ------------------------------
    ------------ UNESCO Institute for Education


****Africa Meeting of the Gender and Education Office of the International
Council for Adult Education (ICAE)****
The Gender and Education Office (GEO) of the ICAE which is based in the
organisation REPEM (Red de Educacion Popular Entre Mujeres de America
Latina y el Caribe) in Uruguay is hosting a meeting in Cape Town, South
Africa to follow-up the CONFINTEA V Agenda for Action. This will be one of
four regional meetings to be held in Africa, Asia (Hua Hin, Thailand, 
September 26-27, 1998), Europe (late November 1998), Latin America (June 
22-25, 1998, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia).
The meeting will be hosted by GEO in partnership with local South African
adult education organisations  (the Adult Educators and Trainers
Association of South Africa (AETASA); the Centre for Adult and Continuing
Education (CACE),  and the DVV's South Africa office). The meeting will be
held from 30  August - 3 September.
The aims of the meeting are:
1. To promote the follow-up to CONFINTEA V and the Beijing Platform of
Action in relation to women, gender and adult education in Africa
2. To consolidate a GEO network of experts on adult education and gender
3. To identify focal points with whom GEO can continue to cooperate
4. To contribute to the Education watch approved at CONFINTEA V through the
implementation of the Adult Education Index of Commitments
For further information contact: Shirley Walters (;
Eunice Christians (

****Regional African Seminar on the Production of Post Literacy Materials****
As a follow-up activity of CONFINTEA V the Regional African UNESCO Office 
(BREDA) organized a regional seminar attended by representatives from 
Kenya, Cameroun, South Africa, Nigeria and Senegal in Nairobi from 1-11 
June, 1998.
The objectives were
- to analyze the situation in rural communities in order to achieve an 
appropriate needs assessment for the production of post literacy materials; 
- to develop new techniques and methods; 
- to promote the exchange of experiences between the participants.
On the occasion of this seminar the new Africa Regional Organization for 
Literacy and Adult Education (AROLAE) with a provisional board was founded 
contact: Prof. Florida A. Karani, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of 
Nairobi, Kenya (fax: +254-214325) 

****Adult Learning: The Future for Namibia****
Under this theme the Namibian Ministry of Basic Education and Culture will 
organize a national conference on adult education on 1-2 September, 1998 as 
a national follow-up activity of CONFINTEA V.
contact: Justin Ellis, Under Secretary (fax: +264-61-2933934)

****Adult Learning Week in Benin****
Following the recommendation of CONFINTEA V, the Ministry of Culture and 
Communication will organize a national adult learning week in Benin from 
August 24 - September 08, 1998. 
contact: Emmanuel Voglozin, Directeur national de l'alphabétisation (fax: +229-315921)


****Asia Pacific Follow-Up Planning Meeting****
Held in Ayutthaya, Thailand from June 8-10, the objectives of the meeting  
were: 1) to share national/regional CONFINTEA V follow-up initiatives and
develop strategies for their dissemination; 2)to suggest methods and 
strategies for monitoring the implementation and impact of the Declaration
and Agenda in the region; 3) to consider advocacy stratgies for new policy
approaches recommended for adult learning; and 4) to discuss ways of 
mobilizing resources for CONFINTEA V follow up actitivites at the local,
national and regional levels. On the basis of the diverse adult education 
practices arising from the different social, economic and political 
conditions, common priority courses for action were identified. Top of the 
list is ensuring a broad dissemination of CONFINTEA outcomes which means 
a)widespread distribution of Hamburg documents; b)translation of these 
documents in the different national languages; and c)production of a video 
which delves into the implications of CONFINTEA V in the region. Expanding 
the existing literacy data base to include all other adult education 
activities is a critical area of concern. In order to go beyond the 
"literacy=adult education" discourse, it is necessary to tailor data 
collection and data processing with the expanded definition of adult 
education. Side by side with this is the need to strengthen the literacy 
and adult education network where APPEAL could act as a regional 
clearinghouse. The monitoring and evaluation of adult education at the 
national and regional level remains to be one of the biggest challenges. To 
address this, a proposal for a pilot project consisting of 6-7 countries)is 
going to be developed. Among the proposed activities is taking an inventory 
of existing adult education practices, developing indices for adult 
learning and evaluating existing models of adult learning. A report of this 
planning meeting (which will contain the papers presented as well as the 
issues discussed) will be available by the end of August from the APPEAL 
office in Bangkok. Another follow-up activity is being planned in China in 
September, where further discussion and concrete planning for CONFINTEA V 
Follow-Up is going to be integrated with APPEAL s regional symposium on the 
achievement of EFA (Education for All) goals. 


****Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week 1998****  
Building upon enspiring experiences of two succesfully organized Lifelong 
Learning Weeks, the Slovene Adult Education Center is currently in the 
process of coordinating this year's event. Lifelong Learning Week 1998 will 
take place in various places in Slovenia from October 19-25. More than 
200 participants at both the national and local levels are expected to join 
their efforts, transcend local, generational, status as well as other 
barriers and help make this week an opportunity for presentation, promotion 
and celebration of lifelong learning possibilities and achievements.   
More information:

****Adult Literacy in Industrialized French-speaking Countries****
The Belgian Government will host a conference on this topic planned for 
June 1999 as a follow-up activity of CONFINTEA.
Linking person at UIE: Marc de Maeyer (

****EUCEN Congress****
The congress of the European Universities Continuing Education Network 
(EUCEN) will be held in Warsaw between 8 and 10 October 1998. The topic is 
"Continuing Education. Links Between West and central Europe. The main idea 
is to bring together universities from Western, Cantral and Eastern Europe. 
Representatives from Central European universities could learn more about 
the EUCEN experiences and take advantage of the congress in order to 
establish contacts which are useful for participating in programmes of the 
European Union. On 8 October between 11 and 13 h a videoconference between 
Warsaw, Turin (Europaen Training Foundation), Hamburg (UIE) and Brussels is 
Fore more information see  

THEMATIC FOLLOW-UP*********************************************************

****Network of Adult Education Documentation and Information Services Being 

Set Up: Join the Club!****
Calling all adult education documentation and information centres! The 
UNESCO Institute for Education and representatives of institutions 
worldwide are setting up a global information and documentation network, 
and hope to attract centres working in adult education/adult learning in 
the broadest sense, including health, environment, aging, indigenous 
peoples, and education for peace and democracy. The goal of the network is 
to 'globalize information without excluding those who don't yet have 
Internet access.
The idea first saw the light at CONFINTEA V, and more than 80 centres from 
all regions of the world have signed up so far. A survey of the 
international adult education documentation scene currently conducted by 
UIE will be published in the form of a directory in the beginning of 
October 1998. Based on this survey action plans for the different world 
regions will be developed. These action plans will be discussed during an 
expert meeting taking place at UIE from 29-31 October 2998.

****Mumbai Statement now available in three languages****   
The "Mumbai Statement on Lifelong Learning, Active Citizenship and the 
Reform of Higher Education" is now available from the CONFINTEA homepage in 
English, French and Spanish.
English: ../mumbeng.html
French: ../mumbfra.html
Spanish: ../mumbspa.html

****Virtual Seminar on Lifelong Learning and New Information and 
Communication Technologies****
The Canadian Office of Learning Technologies (OLT), operating under the
Ministry of Human Resources Development, the Canadian Comission for
UNESCO, and UIE are preparing a joint international virtual seminar on
Lifelong Learning and New Information and Communication Technologies. It
is meant is to build on the recommendations of the CONFINTEA Agenda for
the Future as well as on common conceptual understandings already
developed elsewhere, and to produce concrete proposals for implementing
them in the reality of learning contexts, taking into consideration the
different regional and national backgrounds. This seminar will be a
closed seminar with invited specialists from all the regions. It will
take place in the month of November 1998 via the internet facilities of
OLT; upon termination, a report on the proceedings and results will be
posted for the public on the OLT and UIE homepages.
Linking person UIE: Bettina Bochynek (

****Financial Structures of Non-Governmental Adult Education****
With the support of the European Union, UIE is carrying out a study on
the Financial Structures of Non-Governmental Adult Education in Europe.
The objective of this study is to review the different patterns of
public financial support to NGOs active in the field of adult learning,
and to examine the approaches taken by countries for preserving the
autonomy of those NGOs while making them accountable for support
received. Based on the CONFINTEA initiative "One Hour a Day", mechanisms
to fund individual participation in adult education activities will be
looked at. It will be attempted to also include an analysis of two
specific areas that are of major importance in adult education in Europe
1) preventive health education, and 2) education for aging populations.
Linking person UIE: Bettina Bochynek (


A working group at the Portuguese Ministry of Education produced a strategy 
document for the development of adult education based on the results of 
CONFINTEA V: Alberto Melo, et al., Uma aposta educativa na participacao de 
todos: documento de estratégia para o desenvolvimento da educacao de 
adultos. Ministerio da Educacao (fax: +351-1-7971082)


Message from the CONFINTEA Follow-up message board 
***Macao: Lifelong Education and Older Persons  
The Asian-Pacific Conference for the International Year of older Persons 
will be held in Hong Kong (Apr. 26-29, 1999). I am the convenor for the 
symposium of Lifelong learning and Older Persons. I need volunteer 
presenters who have expertise in this topic from Asia Pacific region. The
conference cannot afford to pay for airticket. Contact me via  
Lawrence Tsui, Macao Assn. for Continuing Ed.***

MOST Clearing House on Linguistic Rights
A Clearing House on Linguistic Rights has recently been established by the
MOST Programme to provide tools for legislators, decision-makers and
researchers to develop democratic language policies in multicultural and
multi-ethnic societies.
The Website provides access to the most important international legal
instruments pertaining to linguistic rights, such as the UN Declaration on
the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and
Linguistic Minorities, the European Charter for Regional and Minority
Languages and the UNESCO Convention Against Discrimination in Education.
The Website also provides the texts of the constitutional provisions from
over 80 countries relating to language issues and linguistic rights, and a
dedicated bibliography. This information is intended to be used in the
further development of multicultural policies aimed at resolving and
avoiding language conflict.
The Website can be accessed via

Slovakia: The Second Annual Conference on Continuing Education
Agroinštitút Nitra, Slovak republic, November 12-13, 1998
* Continuing vocational education and human resources development in the 
condition of member states and associated states to the European Union
* Creative and innovative approaches to the content, forms and the methods 
of continuing education:   
* Open and distance learning
* Self-learning, informal learning
* Information and multimedia technologies
* Quality asssurance
*National and international certification of the educational institution
*Acreditation of educational programmes
* Labour market educational needs analysis with reference to the content of 
the education
AGROINŠTITÚT Nitra,  in cooperation with: 
· Ministry of Agriculture Slovak Republic
· Ministry of Education Slovak Republic
· Association of Adult Education Institutes
· Comenius University Bratislava - Department of Andragogy
· Pavol Jozef Šafárik University Prešov - Department of Adult Education
· City University Bratislava
· National Centre for Distance Learning, Bratislava
· University of Agriculture, Nitra
· Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Foodstaff and Industry.
More information from:
Ing. Margita Štefániková
AGROINŠTITÚT Nitra, Akademická 4, 949 01 Nitra, Slovak Republic
  tel: +421 87 318 20,   +421 87 5348 51 - 4
  fax: +421 87 357 09,  +421 87 329 73

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