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The ElectronicCONFINTEA Follow-up Bulletin
* This electronic newsletter will be published in an informal and flexible series to inform about planned, ongoing and completed activities and events relating to the follow-up of the CONFINTEA V, the Fifth International Conference on Adult Education, Hamburg, 1997. 
* The purpose is to enlarge the information network that has been established before and after the conference. Please copy it to everybody who might be interested. If you know somebody who would like to receive it regularly, let us know the e-mail number, we would be delighted to send CON-NEXUS Online to them. We hope in this way to strengthen our information network. 
**** Send addresses by e-mail to **** 
This information network should also help us to take stock of all activities and events resulting from CONFINTEA. We are sure that there is more happening than we know. We seek your help regarding information about meetings, conferences, publications, initiatives, and other activities. 
**** Send information and news by e-mail to **** 
CON-NEXUS Online 01 (30 March, 1998)

CON-NEXUS Online 02 (13 May, 1998)

CON-NEXUS Online 03 (12 June, 1998)

CON-NEXUS Online 04 (24 July, 1998)

CON-NEXUS Online 05 (21 September, 1998)

CON-NEXUS Online 06 (20 October, 1998)

CON-NEXUS Online 07 (18 December, 1998)

CON-NEXUS Online 08 (12 March, 1999)

CON-NEXUS Online 09 (14 May, 1999)

CON-NEXUS Online 10 (03 September, 1999)

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